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Lansing residents know that the midwestern climate can take a toll on their homes. The excessive moisture throughout the year can be troublesome and cause a lot of basement leaks. Tie rod hole leaks are increasingly common in Lansing homes and they can cause some troublesome issues in your basement.

StayDry® Waterproofing offers Lansing homeowners have access to excellent services to keep their homes throughout the year. We can protect your home from water damage or repair the existing damage. We even offer knowledge so homeowners are aware of the risks their homes face from tie rod hole leaks. Here is some more information on the subject and the services we offer to address these leaks.

Cement Basements With Tie Rod Holes

Older cement basements are often built using an older method that makes tie rod holes possible. In the past, cement was held together with wood and steel rods as it dried. Once the steel rods were removed, they left tiny holes in the cement known as tie rod holes. These holes can collect water and allow water to enter your basement.

These holes are typically in rows one foot and five feet above the ground. When water leaks through, it leaves a quarter-sized mark on the wall and water stains that fall to the floor. These leaks are easy to recognize but they are incredibly unsightly. But beyond the stains, they can cause more serious damage to your home.

The Risks of Leaky Basements

Basement leaks can cause a lot of damage to the items you have stored in your basement. It is also important to get rid of leaks if you are finishing your basement. If the leaks aren’t stopped, they can damage the work you’ve done. Things like walls and insulation that you have installed can get damaged.

Furthermore, tie rod holes can crack and become even more troublesome for your walls. These cracks need to be fixed so you don’t compromise the structural integrity of your home. It is crucial not to neglect the damage that is caused by tie rod holes. There are plenty of repair services available to Lansing homeowners.

Tie Rod Hole Leak Repair Services

StayDry® has been providing waterproofing services to Michigan homes for years. Our clients can trust that the experience we bring will ensure that their homes are safe and dry. For tie rod holes, we recommend polyurethane injections that will be able to seal tie rod holes and penetrate the cracks to prevent further damage. The polyurethane material is designed to keep your basement dry.

Tie Rod Hole Repair for Lansing Homes

If you are a Lansing homeowner experiencing tie rod hole leaks, StayDry® is the company to call. We can inspect your basement and find the right solution to keep your home dry throughout the year. If you are looking for a free estimate, you can contact us here or give us a call at 1.800.800.7073!