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The midwest experience a lot of precipitation throughout the year. The lake effect makes the area humid and prone to rain storms. The winters are no different with heavy snowfall. If your home has tie rod holes, the excess moisture can cause serious issues in your home. It is important to get the proper repair services to keep tie rod hole leaks from happening.

StayDry® Waterproofing has been providing waterproofing services all over Michigan for years. We understand the importance of preparing your home for the adverse weather effects. Our experience with Tie Rod Hole Repair puts us ahead of the competition. With that said, our experts are here to explain tie rod hole leaks and our repair services.

Tie Rod Holes in Cement Basements

If your Lapeer home has a cement basement, chances are that it has tie rod holes. Tie rod holes are incredibly common in cement structures because of how cement was made in the past. When cement was made, it was held together by wood and steel rods as it dried. After it dried, the wood and steel rods were removed.

When the steel rods were removed, they would leave small holes known as tie rod holes. It is easy to recognize tie rod holes because they are in uniform rows 1 foot and 5 feet above the ground. They leave incredibly unsightly stains along basement walls. When water leaks through, it leaves streaks down to the floor. Beyond the look, the leaks can cause more serious problems for your home.

Risks Caused By Leaky Basements

If your basement is experiencing leaks, there are many problems that can occur. The first is water damage to any items stored in your basement. Leaks are especially bad for finished basements. They can ruin any walls and insulation that have been installed so it is important to address them before the damage ruins the finished basement.

If the leaks persist, they can become more damaging to your foundation. Cracks can form around tie rod holes and introduce new issues. As the water leaks in, it can further rack the walls and eventually compromise the structural integrity of your home. If there are cracks in your walls, it is important to get high-quality services to fix the damage.

Repair Services in Lapeer

For Lapeer homeowners experiencing tie rod hole leaks, they have access to StayDry® Waterproofing services that will fix the damage. We can offer services such as polyurethane injections that will penetrate the cracks and keep your walls protected. Our services will keep your basement dry and your walls supported.

Tie Rod Hole Repair From StayDry® Waterproofing

If you are a Lapeer resident having issues with tie rod holes, StayDry® is the place to contact. We will inspect your basement and provide your home with the perfect solution to keep it safe and dry. If you call us at 800.782.9379, we will give you a free estimate or you can click here to get started.