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Livonia residents are used to the inclimate weather present throughout the year. The summers are rainy and humid while the winters introduce heavy snowfall. It is crucial to protect your home from the elements and make sure your basement has been properly waterproofed. If you have a cement basement, tie rod holes are a common source of leak that causes many problems.

StayDry®Waterproofing offers a wide array of services focused on repairing and protecting homes from water damage. We understand the demands of the Michigan climate and provide services to address any issues caused by the rain or snow. Allow our StayDry® experts to fill you in on the damage caused by basement flooding and how our services help fix tie rod leaks.

Hazards of Basement Floods

Water in your basement is no laughing matter. The water can damage your walls and anything you have stored in your basement. Tie rod holes are notorious for leaving unsightly stains on your walls down to the floor. Beyond that, the water in the cold dark space makes it easy for mold and pests to thrive.

Rotting wood is inevitable in a wet basement. Termites and carpenter ants are attracted to the meal and can eat away at wooden support structures. They can eventually compromise the structural integrity of your home. Mold has been known to cause respiratory illnesses like asthma. The spores can spread through your air vents and reach every room in the house.

Cement Basement Leaks

Cement basements often have tie rod holes because of the way they were constructed. In the past, cement was held together by wood and steel rods. After the steel rods were removed, they left small holes known as tie rod holes. These holes make it incredibly easy for water to leak into your home.

If these holes are not addressed, they can cause serious damage in your basement. They allow water to enter the basement and damage things stored in the room. Tie rod holes can crack and cause foundation issues if they get serious. The water makes the cracks spread faster so it is crucial to have them repaired before they crumble your basement walls.

Repair Services for Livonia

We have a lot of experience with Michigan homes and offer a lot of services that can address any leaks. We have a specialized polyurethane injection that will plug the holes and penetrate the cracks to keep them from spreading. We can also direct the water away from your home using sump pumps.

StayDry® Tie Rod Hole Repair

If your home has tie rod holes, it is best to get in contact with StayDry® Waterproofing to have them fixed. We have a lot of experience and can repair any existing damage as well as prevent damage from occurring in the future. If you are ready to get started, you can get a free estimate here or call us at 800.782.9379!