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Due to the typical climate of Michigan and the year-round humidity, homes in Macomb County can be prone to excessive moisture in the crawl space. Since this is often a neglected area of the home, homeowners sometimes fail to notice when moisture is becoming an issue until it’s too late. Often leading to mold growth and safety concerns, a damp crawl space should always be prevented—and there’s plenty of ways to do so with StayDry® Waterproofing.

We offer a range of solutions and services within crawl space repair to ensure our fellow homeowners in Macomb County are protected. Seeing as how a damp crawl space can present health and safety risks, as well as the need for costly repairs, take a moment to learn the potential damages and how you can prevent them.

Common Issues of a Damp Crawl Space

A typical crawl space here in Macomb County, or anywhere for that matter, lacks a vapor barrier or any means of separation between the crawl space and ground below. As a result, moisture can make its way from the soil beneath and remain in the crawl space. In turn, mold will begin to grow and spores can spread throughout the home, affecting anyone inside. Not only that, but this excessive moisture will also begin to affect the home, resulting in concrete cracks in your foundation walls. In severe cases like these, safety risks will then come into play.

Additionally, dampness in the crawl space isn’t the only factor to consider. If your crawl space isn’t insulated, outside air will also enter and make its way into your home. When this occurs, you’ll have to compensate for the temperature difference and crank the furnace or AC unit (depending on the season). In causing the appliances to run more frequently, it’ll add to their natural wear and tear while causing energy bills to increase. Needless to say, crawl space repair and encapsulation is often necessary to prevent these issues.

Crawl Space Repair in Macomb County

Whether the result of plumbing pipes running through the crawl space or the are not being well insulated, a damp crawl space can not only be resolved, but prevented. If any pipes or ductwork run through your crawl space, insulation is likely needed. In other cases, a vapor barrier may be necessary to keep moisture from entering. Whichever the case, StayDry® surely has a solution. To learn more about our services, take a look at the articles provided below:

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