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100+ Years of Basement Waterproofing and Crawl Space Experience

StayDry Waterproofing is proud to provide residential and commercial customers located in Macomb County, Michigan and all cities in Macomb County with foundation repair services.

For every foundation project, StayDry Waterproofing offers free estimates and inspections for foundation repair in Macomb County to fix damaged, cracked or bowed foundation walls in homes and buildings of residential homes and commercial properties. StayDry Waterproofing has an excellent reputation in Macomb County and all over Michigan. We always Encourage our customers to view our referral list of previous happy customers who have need our help in the past and required foundation repair methods such as wall rebuilds, crack injections, or fortress straps among other foundation repair solutions completed in their homes or commercial properties. StayDry Waterproofing is your premier foundation repair contractor in Macomb County and we have thousands of satisfied customers to prove it. Call us today to get a free estimate. No foundation repair project is too big or too small for us. We are the heroes of foundation repair and crack injection, and we can help save the day for your home or building.

The cause of a cracked wall or bowed wall is not the same from one home to the next. Exterior soil pressure, tree roots, or water damage may be cause weakening and long term damage of your home’s foundation walls. The Macomb County division of StayDry Waterproofing makes use of many different methods for fixing your damaged foundation walls that addresses many different needs, which may include:

  • Fortress Stabilization – Carbon Fiber/Kevlar Straps
  • Steel I beam Reinforcement
  • Wall Plates and Earth Anchors
  • Complete or Partial Block Wall Rebuilds
  • Wall Straightening
  • Concrete Rebar Shear Reinforcement
  • Poured Wall Crack Injection

Honesty and integrity are our core values at StayDry Waterproofing and are very important to us from start to finish. We are commitment to upholding our values from the first email or phone call with our office to the foundation repair specialist who evaluates your home and provides the inspection and estimate, to the foundation repair work crews who get the job done on your home. Our prices are fair and competitive with other contractors in Macomb County, and we have hundreds of satisfied customers throughout Macomb County who would be more than happy describe their experience with us and tell you about the attention to detail that we provide during our foundation work. StayDry Waterproofing can handle the most difficult and extreme cases of damaged foundations with unmatched professionalism, safety and care for your home. We will return your basements strength and integrity and we warranty our work from ten years to the lifetime of the structure depending on the method of repair.

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