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The weather in Michigan can be a challenge for our homes. Residents of Macomb County need to be prepared to protect their homes from basement leaks and flooding. Homes with cement basements are often susceptible to tie rod hole leaks. It’s important to understand the dangers they pose to your home and what repair services can address the damage.

StayDry® Waterproofing has been servicing homes throughout Michigan for many years. With that experience, we provide excellent services that can repair existing damage and protect homes from future issues. Our tie rod hole repair will address these pesky leaks. Here is a look at our services and how tie rod holes threaten your home.

Cement Basements With Tie Rod Holes

If your home is equipped with a cement basement, it is likely that it has experienced tie rod hole leaks. When cement was constructed, steel rods were often used to hold it together as it dried. Once the steel rods were removed, they left behind holes that allowed water to leak into basements. These holes are known as tie rod holes.

If you don’t know if your home has tie rod holes, they are easy to recognize. When it rains or snows, water leaks into your home and tie rod holes leave unsightly stains on your walls. The stains come from a quarter sized mark on your wall and fall down to the floor. There are many ways leaks can damage your home and be cause for concern.

The Risks of Basement Leaks

Basement leaks have a lot of negative effects on your home. The first is that all your belongings are subject to water damage. Anything stored in your basement could be damaged on a rainy day. The leaks are especially troublesome for finished basements. The water will damage the walls and insulation you have installed and it’ll need to be removed, fixed and replaced.

If the leaks are not repaired, they can become serious issues for your foundation. The water that leaks through can cause tie rod holes to crack. As these cracks spread, they can weaken your walls and foundation. The issue can eventually compromise the structural integrity of your home. It is important to have these issues repaired as soon as they are noticed.

Tie Rod Hole Leak Repair Services

Seeking quality repair services for tie rod holes can be difficult, but your search can end with StayDry® Waterproofing. We provide excellent services aimed at protecting your home from these leaks. We use polyurethane crack injections that will plug the holes and penetrate the cracks that have formed. We can also install sump pumps to direct water away from your basement and keep your belongings dry.

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If you are ready to get your tie rod holes repaired, StayDry® is the place to contact. Our StayDry® heroes will inspect your home and come up with the best solutions to keep your home protected. We can repair the water damage and prepare your home for future rain and snow. You can get a free estimate by contacting us here or give us a call at 800.782.9379 to get started!