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The midwest is no stranger to high precipitation due to its humidity and lake-effect weather. With roaring summertime storms and heavy snowfall in the winter, Monroe homes fend off a great deal of moisture. Overtime, the damp conditions can have negative effects on crawl spaces in your home.

Fortunately, the residents of Monroe can utilize StayDry Waterproofing services and keep their homes dry throughout the year. With crawl space repair, you can avoid the dangers of a damp crawl space. Before you contact us about repairs, learn about crawl space hazards from our resourceful staff.

Crawl Space Hazards

Unfortunately, crawl spaces are often neglected by homeowners. They are typically used for storage and rarely entered so it’s easy to forget about them. Meanwhile, damp conditions in a crawl space are optimal environments for pests and mold. This can lead to health and structural issues within your home.

Mold growth is a real problem for damp crawl spaces. Mold releases spores that can spread through vents and lead to a number of respiratory illnesses. Asthma is often linked to mold within a household. Health isn’t the only risk to your home. The space can be home to termites and carpenter ants.

The structural integrity of your home could be at risk of termites and carpenter ants chewing away at rotting wood and drywall. The damp conditions are known to rot wood and make it an ideal meal for pests. This can quickly escalate to serious issues for your home so if you suspect any damage, it’s better to catch the problem early.

Monroe Crawl Space Repair

If you suspect damage or damp conditions in your Monroe home, don’t hesitate to contact us. We offer a wide range of services to protect your home from the wet climate. Some of the services we offer are:

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