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Water damage can lead to costly damage and repairs. Whether you’re in the midst of a disaster or merely preparing for future weather, we have solutions to fit every need. StayDry Waterproofing of Novi is the leading waterproofing company in Michigan. With 100+ years of dedicated service, we are here to help you!

Our service professionals are experienced and trained in interior waterproofing, exterior waterproofing, sump pumps, French drains, foundation repair and many other water drainage issues. Let us help you keep your basement dry and damage free, call our Novi office at 1-800-STAY-DRY for your obligation free consultation today! You’ll be glad you did!

Located near both Lake Erie and Lake Huron, Novi gets a substantial amount of precipitation year-round due to the lake effect. Much like the rest of Michigan, Novi homes are at risk of flooding because of this, making basement waterproofing essential.

Flowers may love the rainfall, but our Michigan basements do not. Flooding can cause water damage, which can lead to a host of adverse effects, both environmental and structural. In short, protecting your Novi, Michigan home from flooding is crucial.

Year-Round Climate

As mentioned above, Novi is no stranger to heavy levels of precipitation. The winter months are usually frigid with a lot of snowfall. Summers, on the other hand, are typically warm and humid, but are joined by a fair amount of rainfall.

This immense level of precipitation is cause for concern for Novi residents. If your basement floods, water damage is sure to occur. Mold and mildew love dark, damp areas and a flooded basement is the perfect breeding ground for them. Additionally, water damage can weaken your home’s foundation, putting the structural integrity of your home at risk.

Novi Basement Waterproofing Services from StayDry

With these concerns surrounding water damage and flooding in Novi, basement waterproofing is a must. Here at StayDry, we understand the dangers a flooded basement can present and we know protecting your home is necessary. This is why we provide the following interior basement waterproofing services for the residents of Novi:

While all of our interior waterproofing services are backed by our fully transferable lifetime warranty, our exterior basement waterproofing service is not. This is because it is more invasive and effective, but costs more money. Regardless, all of our services are sure to protect your home from water damage.

Basement Waterproofing Work Requests in Novi

  • “Per inspection of the house we purchased (1300 sq feet), 3 crawl spaces, and one accessible. Two are not but have vents.Recommendation is to remediate moisture and dampness and to remove some fungus on the beams. Please give me a call so I can describe what I’m looking for. Can also share inspection report as well.”
  • Hi, I was referred to your company. I’ve got a leaky cement floored 600 sqft basement with some steel support beams that I’d like to seal and waterproof if it’s possible to do so.
  • I have a little water coming in from around where the well is and it goes to my laundry room. on the front side of the house.

How to Prevent Basement Flooding

The high water table in Novi can flood basements if residents don’t take the right precautions. Due to its location near Lake Erie and Huron, Novi receives a large amount of moisture year round. Rain in the late spring and snow in the winter make the soil around foundations expand enough to crack foundation walls. If the right preventative measures aren’t taken, excess moisture could lead to thousands of dollars in damage.

With over 100 years of combined experience, StayDry experts can help you save money and secure your home. Our trusted professionals understand the importance of home safety. We offer a selection of preventative measures so that the next time it rains, it doesn’t flood. Our sump pump, French drain, PumpSpy, crack injection, and exterior waterproofing will make sure water stays on the outside. If you’ve moved into a new home and you’re not sure about the structural integrity of your basement, call 800.782.9379 for an obligation free consultation. A StayDry hero will arrive at your home and inspect your foundation for cracks or weak spots.

Foundation settling is normal. If your foundation was concrete poured, then it will likely settle. If your windows or doors are hard to open, then your foundation has already moved. Checking for cracks in the floor and walls is an easy way to save money in the long run. Wall cracks are the most common cause of basement leaking. Vertical cracks are an easy fix. At StayDry, we don’t cut corners. Our high-pressure polyurethane injection will seal cracks, and it’s backed by a lifetime guarantee. Horizontal cracks, on the other hand, are a sign of structural weakness, and you may need to replace or fortify your wall. Fortunately, StayDry can reinforce your wall with steel beams and Kevlar straps.

If you are worried about water entering your home, call StayDry today for a consultation. We are a family-owned company that cares about Michigan homeowners. Basement flooding is a common problem, and StayDry has the equipment and expertise to eliminate worry. Read below for common basement problems and how to prevent them.

High Water Levels

Homes around the Great Lakes are more likely to have basement leakage because the water table is higher. If you live close to a body of water, consider opting for StayDry’s exterior waterproofing. It is one of the most efficient ways to prevent excess water from causing damage to your basement. The first step in installing an exterior waterproofing system is to dig a trench along the outside of your foundation. Then, we lay a drain pipe to redirect any water away from your home. We apply a mastic tar adhesive, sealant, and a fiber reinforced Flexi-Seal vapor barrier. Finally, we fill the trench and clean up our mess, leaving your home and basement free of potential external leaks.

Faulty Sump Pump

One of the most common causes of basement flooding is faulty sump pumps. These pumps are used to pump water through drains under and around your house and redirect water away from your basement. If the pump fails, the sump basin will overflow, and the drains will be rendered obsolete. StayDry’s PumpSpy is a premium product that provides a backup sump pump, extra batteries, and additional float sensors. Homeowners can cease to worry about their basement flooding as a result of faulty pumps.

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As mentioned previously, mold growth and structural damages are two likely results of basement flooding, both of which can present numerous issues to your home. Mold will spread throughout your home and potentially affect the health of everyone inside. Then you have structural damage, which could leave your Novi home at risk for further issues and even collapse. Plus, keep in mind any possessions stored in your basement will also fall victim to water entry. In short, preventing these issues before they occur will be much easier than repairing the damages. Plus, we offer a lifetime warranty on each of our interior waterproofing services.

If your Novi home has not been properly waterproofed, you should consider doing so before it’s too late. You can contact the StayDry heroes here or call us at 800.782.9379 for your free consultation!