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The proximity of Pontiac to the Great Lakes gives the city an abundant amount of precipitation year-round. Summers in Pontiac are exceptionally humid and are prone to rainy days. Winters, in comparison, are bitterly cold and bring substantial amounts of snow to the city.

This high-level of precipitation can wreak havoc on your Michigan basement. Water damage, as a result of flooding, can have devastating effects on your home. Mold growth and structural issues often arise as a result of basement flooding. To prevent this and reduce your risks for these issues, we recommend having your Pontiac basement waterproofed.

Pontiac’s Year-Round Climate

Much like Detroit and other cities in eastern Michigan, Pontiac is no stranger to heavy precipitation. Summers, as mentioned above, are filled with rainy days. In fact, Michigan is one of the rainiest states in the nation.

Of course, winters aren’t much different. With more than 30 inches of snow on average every year, Pontiac homes seem to always be at risk for basement floods. In turn, basement flooding can lead to extensive water damage which can have dangerous effects on one’s health. Asthma and even lung infections are commonly caused by mold spores in the home.

Pontiac Basement Waterproofing Services

With the adverse effects of water damage, StayDry recommends having your Pontiac basement waterproofed. We operate across the entire state of Michigan and Pontiac is one of our favorite locations. Some of the waterproofing services we offer in Pontiac are:

Additionally, for homes at greater risk of basement flooding we offer our exterior basement waterproofing service. While this is one of our more costly services, it is by far one of the most effective at keeping water outside the home.

Basement Waterproofing Work Requests in Pontiac

  • Wet and damp basement and crawlspace needs to be sealed.
  • About an inch of standing water in east side of basement after 8/15-8/16 rain storm. Less water further to the west side of basement as the grade raises.
  • Small leak of water due to crack along the cement block in the basement. Would like to get an estimate.

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The aforementioned issues that often accompany flooded basements should be plenty reason to have your Pontiac home waterproofed. Mold and structural damage can and will affect everyone within the home, and even put them in danger, as the compromised structure could be at risk for further issues. Also, consider the possessions that could be damaged from water entry. Simply put, your best bet is to prevent these issues with effective waterproofing. It’ll pay off too, as it’s always cheaper to prevent damage than to repair it. Additionally, our interior waterproofing services are all backed with a lifetime warranty, so you know your Novi home will stay protected.

If you are in need of StayDry’s basement waterproofing services, we are here to help. You can contact us here or call us at 800-800-7073 for your free quote and consultation.