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As a Michigan homeowner, basement floods are typically a main cause for concern, as they can wreak havoc on your Pontiac home. However, while basement floods are concerning, homeowners must also be aware of common issues foundation cracks can cause. Foundation cracks result from a variety of factors, including natural settling and the midwest climate. When foundation cracks do occur, they can cause numerous issues within your home, and this will call for professional crack injection to keep you and your home safe.

At StayDry Waterproofing, we offer our crack injection services to homeowners throughout Michigan, and that includes Pontiac. We know how damaging foundation cracks can be, and we’d like to share that knowledge with our valued customer so they can remain safe within their homes. Take a moment to learn more about foundation cracks and how we can effectively seal them.

Dangers of Cracked Foundation Walls

To an extent, foundation cracks are actually common, and even inevitable. However, if they aren’t addressed promptly, foundation cracks can easily progress and actually compromise the structural integrity of your home. You see, climate changes can put excessive force on your foundation walls, causing them to crack and even bow in some cases.

These cracks let in moisture, which not only weaken the walls and the structure of your home, but can also present mold growth. Mold can then spread throughout the home and cause respiratory illnesses and fungal infections. Additionally, moisture can also easily lead to pest infestations, in which termites will enter the home and feed on the wood structure. In addition to the weakened structure from termites, you should also be aware of the damage moisture alone can do. With moisture, concrete cracks will only worsen, potentially leading to bowing walls.

Considering the structural damages and health hazards that can result from foundation cracks, sealing said concrete cracks when they arise is absolutely essential in avoiding these issues. With this, it’s recommended Pontiac homeowners monitor their foundation walls often to ensure no cracks have started to form. If they have, calling StayDry for crack injection is essential.

Pontiac Crack Injection

In any case, preventing damage is always cheaper than paying for repairs once the damage has been done. When inevitable cracks occur in your foundation walls, it’s best to control them before they progress, and our crack injection services will do just that. At StayDry, we utilize a high-pressure injection system, unlike many of our competitors, to effectively seal foundation cracks. Plus, this service is backed by a fully-transferrable, lifetime warranty. With this, you can rest assured knowing your foundation cracks will be properly repaired.

Prevent Further Damage Today!

Though inevitable, and common, it’s essential you repair any cracks in your Pontiac home’s foundation before they worsen. In doing so, you’ll keep everyone within the home safe and your home intact.

If you’ve noticed cracks in your home’s foundation walls, give us a call today at 800.800.7073. You can also contact us here for a free estimate.