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Pontiac , Michigan, much like the rest of southeastern Michigan, is prone to basement flooding. However, the soil in the area has also caused a number of issues to home foundations. From settling to bowing and everything in between, foundation issues will require expert foundation repair to correct.

At StayDry Waterproofing, we are apt at foundation repair. Our expert team of StayDry heroes have performed numerous foundation repairs in Pontiac and the surrounding areas. Before you call us, let our experts fill you in on the causes of these foundation issues and the service StayDry offers that can help correct the issue.

Common Causes of Foundation Issues

As mentioned before, two of the most common foundation issues are cracks caused by settling, and bowing walls. While every home can expect some degree of settling, many Pontiac homes have endured more than their fair share.

The soil type has a lot to do with how much your home’s foundation settles. Sandy soils are typically easier on your home’s foundation because water is able to pass through it easily. In contrast, clay, peat and silt absorb water. When this happens, the soil expands, causing unnecessary stress on the foundation of your home. Luckily, StayDry has a solution for every level of damage.

Pontiac Foundation Repair from StayDry

StayDry offers a number of foundation repair services to repair damage caused by expanding and contracting soil types. Some of the most common repairs we perform are:

At StayDry® Waterproofing, we are a family owned and operated business with over 100 year of combined experience to give your home the repairs and attention it deserves. As we grow, so do our service regions. We are proud to call Pontiac, Michigan one of our newest additions and have already begun to partner with homeowners in the area.

Our services are 24/7, ensuring that your home gets the help it needs when disaster strikes. When your heater goes out in Michigan’s cold, icy winters it is important that you work with a team that sends their best at any hour or season. We partner with homeowners to help prepare you for whatever challenges are thrown your way. When we make a maintenance or repair call we involve the homeowners in the process, adding to your toolbelt of knowledge on how to best protect your home.

Michigan’s Trusted Foundation Repair Contractor

At StayDry®, homeowner safety always comes first. Our mission is to provide services that allow families to rest easy at night knowing their home is stable and secure, and that the job was done right for any repair needs.

Many homeowners forego repairs in hopes to save money or that the problem will resolve itself, but often this only compound the damage and costs more down the road. Let our team give your home a free estimate to uncover any common damage’s seen by Pontiac homes.

Common Michigan Foundation Problems

Foundational damage can be difficult to spot early on, with many of the obvious signs such as foundational cracking, being further along in the process, and more costly to repair.

However, there are ways to catch issues early on as well as common foundation problems Pontiac homeowners should be aware of to best protect their home from damage. Some of the most common reasons for damage include:

  • Foundation below water table
  • Foundation shifting
  • Severe weather
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Weak foundation

Being aware of these causes puts you ahead of the game. While you may not see damage, if you suspect it, or if it has just been awhile since a contactor has inspected your home, now is the perfect time to contact our team for your free estimate and catch any issues before they become a costly problem.

Foundation Repair Issues Fixed

Regardless if you have caught a problem early on, or you are in the midst of a foundation crisis, StayDry® Waterproofing is here to help. We offer a variety of services so that we can tackle any problem that we uncover. Some of these services include:

  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Foundation Repair
  • Plumbing
  • Mold Removal
  • Crawl Space Repair
  • and more!

Our experts have the most up to date licensing and techniques, putting our team one step ahead. We are dedicated to giving our clientele the best that foundation repair and related services has to offer in the Pontiac area.

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Whether it’s the result of the type of soil beneath your home or any other factor, both of the issues mentioned above can be quite problematic to your Pontiac home. Foundational cracks can be small to begin with, but they’ll easily progress the longer you wait to address them. The longer you wait, the more time these cracks have to spread and worsen, ultimately allowing moisture into your home. Aside from concrete cracks, bowing walls are also a common result of foundation settling and they can affect the structural integrity of your home. To prevent these issues and the dangers they can present, it’s best to address any problem as soon as you notice it.

If you are concerned about the state of your Pontiac home’s foundation, let a StayDry hero lend a hand. You can get your free estimate here or give us a call at 800.782.9379 to contact a StayDry hero today.