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Pontiac residents know that the Michigan climate present an excess of water every year. Unfortunately, the water can cause huge problems to your home if it starts to leak into your basement. Homes with cement basements are very susceptible to tie rod hole leaks. It is important to have the right solutions to keep homes from basement flooding or foundation issues.

At StayDry®Waterproofing, our focus is on providing homes with services that will repair and prevent water hazards. We offer tie rod hole leak repair to keep homes safe from unnecessary moisture in their basement. We understand the importance of a dry basement so we offer education on the threats. Here is a look at the hazards of tie rod hole leaks and how our services repair the issues.

Hazards of Basement Floods

Water can cause a lot of damage to your basement and anything stored in your basement. The water that leaks through tie rod holes causes unsightly stains on your walls. Beyond the aesthetics, the wet conditions create other issues such as mold and rotting wood. This type environment will create hazardous conditions for your basement and family.

Mold growth has been tied to respiratory illnesses and can have serious consequences for your health. Mold spores that are given off can make their way through the home using air vents. These spores can cause health issues such as asthma. Meanwhile, termites and carpenter ants can eat the rotting wood and compromise the structural integrity of your home.

Cement Basement Leaks

When cement was constructed in the past, wood and steel rods were used to hold it together as it dried. Once dry, the steel rods were removed, leaving behind small holes known as tie rod holes. These holes make it easy for water to leak into basements. They can also crack and cause issues to your basement walls.

If your basement walls begin to crack, the water only speeds up the process so it is important to address the issue immediately. If you have a finished basement or want to finish your basement, it is best to address all leaks. The water can damage walls or insulation you have installed for your basement.

Repair Services for Pontiac, Michigan

We understand it is important for Pontiac homeowners to get high quality services to keep their homes dry. We offer polyurethane injections that can seal tie rod holes and keep cracks from growing in your basement walls. We can also install sump pumps to direct water away from your home.

StayDry® Tie Rod Hole Repair

If you have noticed water leaking into your basement through tie rod holes, it’s time to call StayDry® Waterproofing. We will repair any existing damage and protect your home from future flooding. You can get a free estimate if you click here or get one by calling us at 800.782.9379!