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If you have ever lived in Michigan, you know it is home to some humid and wet weather conditions. Throughout the year, there is a lot of precipitation in the area that can be damaging to homes. If you are in Port Huron, it is important to keep informed about the leaks in your home. Problems like tie rod holes are common so it is often necessary to find proper repair services.

StayDry® Waterproofing has been providing repair and waterproofing services to Michigan homeowners for years. Our high-quality tie rod hole leak repair is designed to keep your home safe and dry all year long. Allow our StayDry® heroes to explain more about the dangers of tie rod hole leaks and why our services are necessary.

Tie Rod Hole Leaks In Cement

Tie rod holes are actually incredibly common in homes with cement basements. The reason they are so common is the way cement was constructed in the past. Cement structures used to be held together by wood and steel rods while it dried. Once it was dry, the wood and steel rods were removed. The steel rods would leave small holes known as tie rod holes.

Tie rod holes are incredibly easy to recognize because they have an unsightly look on your walls. When water leaks through, it has a small quarter-sized mark on the wall with streaks all the way down to the floor. Tie rod holes are typically in uniform rows 1 foot and 5 feet above the ground. There are many ways leaks can damage your home.

The Risks Associated With Tie Rod Holes

As mentioned above, it is common to experience tie rod hole leaks in a cement basement. These leaks can be pesky and cause many different issues for your home. Water damage is common with basement leaks. Water can damage the items you have in your basement and cause issues with finished basements.

If these leaks are neglected, they can quickly cause more serious issues in your basement. Tie rod holes can become cracked and the cracks can grow eventually compromising the structural integrity of your home. The tie rod holes and cracks need to be addressed in order to keep your home safe from harm.

Tie Rod Hole Repair Services in Port Huron

If you have noticed tie rod hole leaks in your Port Huron home, rest assured that StayDry® Waterproofing is equipped with the tools to fix them. Our services will address tie rod holes and cracks in your walls. We can keep your home protected with polyurethane injections that will penetrate the cracks.

Tie Rod Hole Services From StayDry® Waterproofing

Port Huron homeowners can utilize StayDry® Waterproofing repair services to fix tie rod hole leaks. Our StayDry® heroes will provide your home with protection from the elements so you can stay safe and dry. For a free estimate, click here or give us a call at 800.782.9379 to speak with us today!