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As a Redford Charter Township resident, it is no surprise that Michigan is home to some tough weather conditions. While the rain may be good for our gardens, it isn’t as beneficial for our homes. Homeowners need access to great services to keep their home safe from basement flooding and tie rod hole leaks. It is important to prepare your home for the year round wet weather.

StayDry® Waterproofing offers excellent waterproofing services to keep homes protected from the inclimate weather. Our tie rod hole repair services will be able to address these common leaks and make sure your home is safe and dry. If you have any concerns, allow us to tell you more about our services and how we protect your home from water damage.

Dangers of Leaks and Basement Flooding

Moisture in your basement can be troublesome for your home and health. A damp dark space is a great home for termites and carpenter ants. These pests will feed off of the rotting wood and drywall further damaging your walls. If this persists, it can weaken your structural integrity and lead to more serious issues.

On top of that, mold growth is bound to occur in these conditions. The mold gives off spores that spread throughout your home using the air vents. Household mold has been tied to different respiratory illnesses such as asthma. It is important to inhibit the growth and spread of these pests to keep your home safe.

Tie Rod Hole Risks To Your Home

Tie rod holes are incredibly common in homes with cement basements because of the way cement structures were made in the past. Cement was held together by steel rods and wood while it dried. Once the steel rods were removed, they left small holes known as tie rod holes. These holes make it easy for water to leak into your home and cause a number of issues.

Water damage to anything you have stored in your basement is common with leaks. On top of that, cracks can form around the tie rod holes and weaken your cement walls. You’ll need solutions that address both the holes and any cracks in your wall. This will keep your home safe from any serious threats.

Tie Rod Hole Repair for Redford Charter Township

We offer a number of services that can keep your home safe from these types of issues. Our polyurethane injections will plug the holes and keep cracks from growing or spreading. We also offer sump pumps to help pump water out of your basement. No matter the situation, we’ll find the perfect solution to keep your home dry.

Tie Rod Hole Services From StayDry® Waterproofing

If you are concerned by moisture in your basement, StayDry® Waterproofing will put your mind at ease. We have the skills and expertise to give you the perfect solutions. You can get a free estimate here today or give us a call at 800.782.9379 to get started!