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With heavy snowfall in the winters and rain storms in the summer, water damage is not uncommon in Rochester Hills. Water damage is widely known to cause mold growth, basement flooding, and a host of other issues, but it can also cause foundation cracks to form or worsen. The best prevention is to have your foundation cracks sealed with StayDry Waterproofing’s crack injection repair.

Before you contact a StayDry hero, let our expert waterproofing staff explain the hazards associated with foundation cracks and how our high-pressure crack injection service can help protect your home.

Foundation Crack Hazards

Even hairline cracks in your Rochester Hills’ foundation are cause for concern. The main entryway for water is through foundation cracks, and even small cracks allow moisture in. As temperatures fluctuate, these foundation cracks can expand, resulting in greater issues. When they begin to allow moisture to enter the home, mold growth and pest infestations may be soon to follow. Mold growth will affect everyone living in the home, often resulting in respiratory illnesses. Pests like termites, on the other hand, will feed on the wood structure, further affecting it’s strength and leaving it prone to further issues.

As mentioned, the cracks will worsen with moisture and may even lead to bowing walls, which directly affect the structural integrity of your home. In short, concrete cracks should be addressed immediately to ensure they don’t worsen and present additional dangers to you and your home. With this , you’ll need to keep a closer watch on your foundation walls and call StayDry when you do notice cracks have begun to form.

Rochester Hills Crack Injection from StayDry

Unlike many of our competitors, we use high-pressure crack injection to repair foundation cracks. This is a permanent fix and it is backed by our fully transferable lifetime warranty so you can rest assured knowing your home is protected for years to come.

Of course, if your foundation cracks have already worsened, we offer a number of foundation repair services to protect your home.

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