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As with most midwest regions, Rochester Hills homeowners are no strangers to the heavy rain and snow, not to mention freezing temps and humidity. While we can simply acclimate to this type of weather, our homes cannot. With high amounts of precipitation and humidity come wet crawl spaces, which results in problems like mold growth and structural issues. These two accompanying issues can pose a threat to your health and the state of your home.

When issues like these do arise in your home, it’s essential you contact a professional immediately. Here at StayDry, we provide a number of crawl space repair services to residents in Rochester Hills to keep moisture out and prevent the problems that often come with it. Read on to learn more about the dangers of damp crawl spaces and how the StayDry heroes can help.

Rochester Hills: Common Crawl Space Problems

While crawl spaces are often a place for storage and rarely used, homeowners tend to neglect this area of their home. While it may not be used much, a crawl space in which water has entered poses quite a few problems to you and your home. First off, the moisture and typical darkness of crawl spaces makes it a perfect place for mold growth, which can spread through the vents within your home. Mold exposure can easily lead to health effects like asthma and fungal infections in the respiratory system.

Additionally, the rotting wood and drywall of a damp crawl space attracts pests like termites and carpenter ants, which they will then eat away. This will ultimately compromise the structural integrity of your home and put those inside in further danger. However, the damp and rotting wood from moisture is also plenty damage to weaken the structure.

As you can see, damp crawl spaces present both safety hazards and health risks for you and those living inside your Rochester Hills home. Because moisture isn’t always noticeable, not to mention it can quickly progress into a serious problem, it’s good practice to monitor your crawl space regularly, looking for signs of moisture throughout. In doing so, you’ll be well aware of any moisture, should it arise. When moisture does become an issue, you’ll want to call StayDry so we can come and resolve the issue. Otherwise, you could end up spending both time and money on more extensive repairs. In short, it’s best to prevent any further issues and take action when an issue arises.

Crawl Space Repair Services

Preventing the problems mentioned above will be far less expensive, and safer, than repairing the damage once it occurs. When you notice a moisture problem in your crawl space, you should call us right away. Depending on the issue, we can take care of it with one of the following:

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Serving Rochester Hills and a range of cities in Michigan, StayDry has solutions to nearly any issue when it comes to crawl spaces. If you’ve noticed a problem, don’t hesitate to give us a call so we can send an expert out to inspect your home.

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