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Michigan homeowners are no doubt familiar with the extreme weather conditions that the Midwest presents. Cold winters, hot summers, and all the precipitation throughout these seasons can be hard on your home’s foundation. But what you might not realize is that the soil used beneath the foundation can put your home at risk for damage.

If you suspect that the soil beneath your foundation has caused damage, the heroes at StayDry are just a phone call away. Whatever the issue, we can fix it! If you own a home in Rochester Hills, MI, keep reading to learn more about different soil types and how they might affect your home’s foundation.

Common Issues That Require Foundation Repair

The soil beneath your home’s foundation could pose a variety of risks. Expanding soils can intensify the effects of settling foundations, leading to serious repair needs. Peat, clay, and silt can all retain water, which will expand and contract as moisture levels change, leading to potential foundation damage. When these sediments expand and contract, you can expect foundational cracks and bowing walls, to name some of the more common issues.

If you suspect foundation damage to your home, it’s essential to seek repairs right away. Damage to the foundation of your home can be dangerous, and can also become irreparable with enough neglect. So make sure to call StayDry for a free estimate at the first signs of foundation damage!

Rochester Hills Foundation Repair With StayDry

No matter the type of damage to the foundation of your home, StayDry can surely help. For years we’ve been serving Michigan homeowners with our foundation repair and basement waterproofing services. Take a look below at some of the specific services we offer:

As a homeowner in Rochester Hills, Michigan you are aware of all of the great reasons to call this area home. However, warm, hot summers and icy, cold winters can take a toll on your home, causing damage to your foundation. In order to ensure that your home keep your family safe year round, work with the best Michigan contractors in your area.

When you partner with StayDry® Waterproofing, you are giving your home the care it deserves and your family a peace of mind by living in a safe home. When we make a maintenance or repair call we involve the homeowners in the process, adding to your toolbelt of knowledge on how to best protect your home. We never recommend repairs unless it is needed, saving you money from costly damage caused to your home due to unrepaired issues. Our integrity sets us apart for foundation repair contractors.

Michigan’s Trusted Foundation Repair Contractor

StayDry® has been partnering with homeowners in Michigan for 11 years and has continued to add experts to our team to expand the services we offer to homeowners. We have recently started to partner with Rochester Hills homeowners and are already establishing ourselves as your most trusted foundation repair contractor. Read our client testimonials to see for yourself.

When raising a family, and taking care of your home it can be tempting to not spend money or seemingly small repairs. However, foregoing repairs in hopes to save money hoping that problems will resolve themselves often only compounds the damage and costs more down the road. Let our team give your home a free estimate to uncover any common damage’s seen by Rochester Hills homes.

Common Michigan Foundation Problems

Foundational damage can be difficult to spot early on, with many of the obvious signs such as foundational cracking, being further along in the process. While in some cases you cannot prevent foundation damage, being aware of the causes can help you locate and repair the damage. Some of the most common repair calls we get are caused by these issues:

  • Foundation below water table
  • Foundation shifting
  • Severe weather
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Weak foundation

Ff caught early on, these are easy and affordable repairs. It is important however to work with a professional, as these issues may not be discovered to an untrained eye until a larger issue brings attention to it.

Foundation Repair Issues Fixed

When your Rochester Hills home experience’s damage and needs repair, our team is there when you need it most. We ensure that our contractors have the most up to date licensing and training, meaning you are getting the best Michigan has to offer.

Being a family owned business we understand the need to listen to our clients, inform them of our decisions and make money smart choices for both your home and your family. We never try to make money off of services that are not truly needed for the safety and well being of your home.

With our clients in mind, we add to our services regularly so that we can offer homeowners the full package. Some of these services include:

  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Foundation Repair
  • Plumbing
  • Mold Removal
  • Crawl Space Repair
  • and more!

Working with the StayDry® gives you the whole package! You can learn more about our services and rates by scheduling your free estimate today and start working with our dedicated team!

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We’ll say it again: settling foundations can be quite problematic. Often leading to foundational cracks and bowing walls, a settling foundation is concerning no matter the cause. The aforementioned foundational cracks may appear minor, but as they progress they’ll begin to crumble and allow moisture to enter your Rochester Hills home. Additionally, any bowing walls will compromise the structural integrity of the home, leaving everyone inside at risk for danger. Whether it’s concrete cracks or bowing walls, either of these problems can present further issues. In short, you should address any issue as soon as it arises, as it’s best to prevent more problems than repair them after they occur.

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