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While basement floods are often the main area for concern among Michigan homeowners, water entry isn’t the only way the midwest climate affects your Royal Oak home. Though they’re essentially inevitable and not always concerning, foundation cracks can still present quite the threat to your home. You see, foundation cracks let in moisture, which can lead to both structural issues and mold growth. When problems like these arise, you’ll need a quality crack injection service, and StayDry Waterproofing offers just that.

Here at StayDry, we never cut corners. Most other waterproofing companies tend to use a low-pressure injection system to seal customer’s’ foundation cracks, yet this is a haphazard approach. To get things done right the first time we utilize a high-pressure injection system. Now, take a moment to learn how this service can effectively seal your foundation cracks and prevent the problems that arise if you don’t get them sealed.

The Problem with Cracked Foundations

Like we said, cracks in your foundation walls are inevitable, but at a certain point they outgrow a common occurrence and become a serious problem. As cracks grow, the need for quality crack injection becomes crucial. Take a look the issues that can arise below:

  • Moisture: Foundation cracks let moisture into your home, which leads humidity problems within the home.
  • Mold: Resulting from the aforementioned moisture, mold growth presents health risks to everyone residing in the home, increasing your risk for respiratory illnesses like asthma and fungal infections.
  • Structural Issues: While the moisture let in by cracks can lead to rotting wood, the cracks themselves can compromise the structural integrity of your home.

From the midwest climate to the type of soil your home was built on, a variety of factors can cause foundation cracks. And when these cracks do arise, you’ll need to have them sealed to prevent any further issues. Otherwise, they could quickly progress into more serious problems, such as those detailed above. In short, preventing damages is always cheaper than repairing them. With this, it’s recommended you monitor your foundation walls often (or at least after storms) to ensure no cracks have begun to form. If cracks have occurred, you’ll want to call StayDry for our quality crack injection service.

Royal Oak Crack Injection

As a Royal Oaks homeowner, you can take advantage of our quality crack injection service we offer at StayDry. As we said before, we don’t use the low-pressure injection system many of our competitors tend to use. In contrast, we use a high-pressure injection system with quality polyurethane to ensure the cracks are filled efficiently the first time around—and the process is quite simple and noninvasive. Simply put, we’ll ensure all of your foundation cracks are effectively sealed, keeping you and your home safe from the issues that often accompany cracked foundation.

Foundation Issues? Call StayDry Today

If you’ve noticed cracks in your foundation walls, be sure to call StayDry so we can come out and assess the issue. We’ll most likely need to seal the cracks up to keep out moisture and avoid any other issues. As a bonus, our crack injection service is backed by a lifetime warranty, so give us a call today!

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