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As a Michigan resident, you know that the climate provides some harsh conditions. Your home does a good job of protecting you from the elements, but your home also needs to be prepared for the worst. Basement flooding is a serious issue for homes and homes with cement basements are more susceptible. Tie rod holes are a common cause of leaks in cement basements.

At StayDry®Waterproofing, we focus on providing Michigan homes with protection from the wet climate. We know the excessive water can be troublesome for your home, that’s why we offer a wide variety of waterproofing services such as tie rod hole repair. Here is a look at the dangers of basement flooding and why tie rod hole leaks are common in cement basements.

Hazards of Basement Floods

There are many issues that arise from basement flooding. The most obvious is that any of the items you have stored in your basement are subject to water damage. Beyond that, the wet conditions are ideal for mold growth and rotting wood. These issues can create hazardous conditions for your home and family.

Household mold has been tied to respiratory illnesses like asthma. The spores mold gives off can spread through your home using air vents. Meanwhile, rotting wood is the perfect meal for termites and carpenter ants. These pests will eat away at wooden support structures and compromise the structural integrity of your home. Tie rod holes are a common cause for leaks.

Cement Basement Leaks

The way cement was constructed in the past made tie rod holes very common. Cement was often held together by wood and steel rods. Once the steel rods were removed, they would leave small holes known as tie rod holes. These holes make it easy for water to leak into your home. They can even start to crack and damage your foundation.

The water that leaks in can help cracks in your wall grow and create serious damage to your basement. The water leaking into your basement can damage finished basements. All the walls and insulation you had installed will be ruined by the water. It is important to keep these areas free from water so they last.

Repair Services for Royal Oak

We know the importance of maintaining a safe and dry condition in your basement. That’s why we offer the best solutions to keep your home dry. We have polyurethane injections that will plug the holes and keep your walls from cracking. We can even add sump pumps to direct water out of your basement.

StayDry® Tie Rod Hole Repair

If you are ready to get your tie rod hole leaks repaired, StayDry® Waterproofing is available. We can give your Royal Oak home protection from water and make sure that any existing damage is repaired. For a free estimate, click here or give us a call at 800.782.9379!