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As any Michigan homeowner will tell you, the midwest is no stranger to wet conditions. Our region of the United States gets more than its fair share of rain and snowfall each year, and Southfield is no different. In fact, this region of Michigan receives quite a bit more days of precipitation than the US average. Whether it’s winter snow or summer rains, this abundant water can be troublesome for homeowners, as a damp crawl space can present a variety of issues to the home.

When the moisture from outside does make its way into your home, StayDry® is here to help. However, we offer a few services to help prevent moisture and the resulting issues from arising altogether. Regardless, take a moment to learn more about these potential problems and how they can be avoided.

What to Expect with a Damp Crawl Space

Though many of the issues to follow are common results of damp conditions within your crawl space, one problem in particular isn’t specific to moisture: pest infestations. Whether it be termites, carpenter ants, or rodents, a poorly insulated crawl space will let any of these pests into your home. Quite often, they can even affect your home’s structural integrity, considering termites feed on wood. In terms of moisture, however, the following problems can arise:

Mold Growth

One of the most common results of excess moisture in a crawl space is mold growth. Mold thrives in dark and damp conditions, making crawl spaces the perfect breeding ground for such. Mold spores will ultimately spread from the crawl space and could present health risks to everyone in the Southfield home.

Higher Energy Costs

Just like moisture, outside air can also enter the home through your crawl space, unless it’s properly insulated. If it’s not, that outside air will make its way through your home and, whether it’s winter or summer, you’ll be adjusting the thermostat to compensate, ultimately increasing your energy usage.

Structural Damage

In more severe cases, moisture and standing water can begin to weaken the structure of the crawl space. Whether it be concrete walls or wood beams, as they’re compromised by moisture, the area will become at risk for collapse. At the least, it’ll require costly repairs.

Crawl Space Repair in Southfield

As mentioned, StayDry® provides several services and products to Southfield to help combat and prevent the effects of damp crawl spaces. Whether you’re interested in a complete encapsulation or would like a more simple solution, we can help. Take a look at the pages provided below to learn more about each of our services and products:

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