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It’s the harsh midwestern climate that puts many Southfield, Michigan homes at risk. The environment is home to a lot of moisture. Humid rain storms during the summer and heavy snowfall through the winter makes the soil tough on homes. Foundation settling is a common issue for homeowners and they risks can be serious. It is important to address foundation damage to keep your home safe.

For Southfield residents, StayDry® Waterproofing offers a number of great services that can fix any foundation issues you may be experiencing. Our top notch services provide you with the best quality and keep your home safe and dry throughout the year. We understand the importance of maintaining a solid foundation and how our services help do that. With that said, our StayDry® heroes are here to tell you more about the dangers of foundation settling and how our services help.

Soil Types That Cause Foundation Damage

If your Southfield home was built on peat, silt, or clay, the risks of foundation settling are much higher. The reason is that these types of soil retain more water than other types. The water can freeze, melt, and move through the ground causing expansion and contraction. As these processes occur, the force causes cracked foundations and bowed walls. Essentially, different types of soils are more prone to foundation settling.

Foundation settling can occur in any soil type, so the issue is typically unavoidable. What is avoidable is the sever damage it can cause to your home. If these problems are neglected, they have the ability to turn into serious issues. Eventually, it can compromise the structural integrity of your home and put your home in danger. If you are in Southfield, you can utilize StayDry® Waterproofing foundation repair services to have these problems amended.

Foundation Repairs for Southfield Residents

We’re proud to call Michigan our home and provide our services all over the state. Southfield residents can rest assured that StayDry® Waterproofing will be there to take care of any foundation repair services they’d like for their home. We can repair bowed walls and foundation cracks. Here is a look at a few repair services available in your area:

StayDry® Waterproofing provides trusted waterproofing and foundation repair for Ferndale homeowners. Since 2006, we have worked with Southfield homeowners. We offer professional staff, 24-hour services, and understanding of Michigan foundations and climate.

We understand that trouble can happen at anytime. That’s why we are provide foundation repair calls at all hours. Our goal is to help our clients and equip them with the tools and knowledge to best care for their home. If any problems occur with your foundation, give us a call at (800) STAY-DRY.

StayDry® Foundation Repair in Southfield

StayDry® can easily fix your home’s foundation! For years, our team has been serving Michigan homeowners with our foundation repair and basement waterproofing services. We offer a wide variety of solutions for many types of foundation damage. Here are some of the specific services we offer for Southfield residents:

In the most severe cases of foundation damage, your home may need to have the services of one our foundation repair engineers. An example includes wall rebuilds. This means the wall has experienced too much damage to be reinforced or repaired. Instead, we will rebuild the wall and give your foundation the stability of a new home. If the wall isn’t in severe condition, we also provide services to address smaller issues.

Many foundations begin to crack under the pressure of shifting soils. If your foundation walls have cracks, we can use our crack injection services to fill them and keep water from leaking into your home. The injections will also seal the cracks effectively so they don’t grow by experiencing more water damage. Instead, the cracks stay sealed with the polyurethane material.

Finally, if you have noticed bowing walls or bulging walls, our professionals can utilize the StayWall method to reinforce your foundation walls. Fortress stabilization will make sure that your walls will not be damaged during soil shifting. The motions can be handled and your home’s foundation will stay intact.

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Don’t neglect foundation cracks or bowed walls. You can have StayDry® Waterproofing fix all of these issues and keep you home safe with a rock solid foundation. We will come to your Southfield home and provide the perfect services to keep your home safe from foundation settling. You can contact us today for a free estimate here or you can give us a call at 800.782.9379 so we can get you setup with our services today!