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Due to the heavy levels of precipitation and natural settling of foundations, homes in Sterling Heights often require repair. Foundation cracks often form as a result of these factors and can lead to a host of adverse environmental and structural hazards. The best way to prevent these hazards from occurring is with crack injection repair.

StayDry Waterproofing offers many waterproofing solutions to Sterling Heights residents to protect their homes from water damage. As foundation cracks are incredibly problematic, our high-pressure crack injection repair service is one of the most popular in the area. Before you contact us, let our experts explain the dangers of foundation cracks and how our crack injection service can help prevent these issues.

Dangers of Foundation Cracks

As mentioned before, water damage can cause foundation cracks to form as well as cause them to expand when the temperatures fluctuate in Sterling Heights. If these cracks are left unsealed, they could spread, begin to flake, or even cause the foundation walls to bow inward. Any of these issues, especially bowing walls, can affect the home’s structure and leave it at risk for further damages, in addition to putting those inside in danger.

Additionally, foundation cracks allow water to seep into your Sterling Heights home. The resulting water damage can make your basement the perfect environment for mold, which can lead to health issues like asthma and fungal infections. Water damaged basements can also become a perfect breeding ground for pests like termites and carpenter ants. These pests will eat away at the rotting wood and drywall, further harming the structural integrity of your home.

Clearly, foundation cracks need to be taken care of immediately. Considering the fact that each factor and accompanying issue can further damage your home, it’s essential to monitor your foundation walls often to ensure no cracks have begun to form. When you do notice cracks within your home’s foundation, you’ll need to call StayDry so we can provide your Sterling Heights home with our effective concrete crack injections.

Sterling Heights Crack Injection

Unlike many of our competitors who utilize low pressure, temporary crack repairs, we use a high-pressure system. This ensures the crack is adequately filled and is meant to last a lifetime. In fact, our crack injection repair is backed by our lifetime warranty, which is also fully transferable.

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