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The climate in Holland, Michigan is much like the rest of the midwest. There is plenty of precipitation year round, with snow packed winters and rain-soaked summer months. This leaves many Holland homes at risk for basement flooding and other issues related to such. One of the most common basement waterproofing methods is to install a sump pump.

At StayDry Waterproofing, we focus on protecting Michigan homes from basement flooding. We have an array of waterproofing services, however, one of the most popular is sump pump installation. We offer two types of sump pumps and a sump pump monitoring system to help protect your Holland home.

The PitBoss Sump Pump

The standard sump pump we offer is the PitBoss. This efficient sump pump features a cast iron and stainless steel construction, equipped with a 5 amp motor. This allows for up to 5% less energy use compared to other sump pumps on the market. Check out the PitBoss specifications below:

  • ¾ HP Submersible Pump
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Check Valve (prevents backflow)
  • Handles 2940 gallons per hour with a 15′ lift
    • 3480 gallons with 10′ lift
    • 4029 gallons with 5′ lift

The BigBoss Deluxe Sump Pump

While the PitBoss is a sound option for many Holland homeowners, larger homes will need something a bit bigger. Our deluxe sump pump, the BigBoss, has the efficiency of our PitBoss only larger. Check out the specifications for the BigBoss Below:

  • High Output Effluent Pump
  • Cast Iron Construction
  • Ball Bearings for Quiet Operation
  • Non-clogging Vortex Impeller
  • Handles 3900 gallons per hours with 15′ lift
    • 6000 gallons with 10′ lift
    • 7500 gallon with 5′ lift

The Pump Spy Monitoring System

Both our standard and deluxe sump pumps are built to last, however, issues can arise. Our Pump Spy Monitoring System will notify you if an issue occurs via smartphone, desktop computer, or tablet. Better yet, the Pump Spy is equipped with a backup sump pump that will be activated if anything were to happen.

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