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Home to Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, Michigan is prone to heavy amounts of precipitation year-round. Winters are often snow packed, while summers are wet and humid. This increases the risk of basement flooding in Ypsilanti and surrounding areas.

At StayDry Waterproofing, we specialize in basement waterproofing for Ypsilanti homeowners. Due to the high risk of basement flooding in Michigan, many homeowners have had a sump pump installed. Before you contact us for your basement waterproofing needs, let us explain our two types of sump pumps and our sump pump monitoring system.

The PitBoss: Our Standard Sump Pump

Our standard sump pump, the PitBoss, is made of cast iron and stainless steel for durability. Additionally, the PitBoss is equipped with a 5 amp motor, which allows for up to 5% more energy savings. Check out the detailed product specifications below:

  • ¾ HP Submersible Sump Pump
  • Features a check valve to prevent water flowing back toward the home
  • Can handle 2940 gallons per hour with a 15′ lift
  • 3480 gallons per hour with 10′ lift
  • 4029 gallons per hour with 5′ lift

The BigBoss: Our Deluxe Sump Pump

While the PitBoss is among the most efficient sump pumps on the market, some larger Ypsilanti homes may require a larger sump pump. The BigBoss sump pump is just that and is made of the same materials as the PitBoss, so you can rest assured knowing it is just as durable. Check out the product specifications below:

  • Includes check valve to prevent water flowing back to home
  • Handles 2940 gallons per hour with a 15′ lift
  • 3480 gallons per hour with a 10′ lift
  • 4029 gallons per hour with a 5′ lift

Pump Spy: Sump Pump Monitoring System

While our sump pumps are made to last, issues can arise unexpectedly. When this happens, our Pump Spy sump pump monitoring system can alert you via phone, desktop, or laptop computer to let you know. Better yet, it is equipped with a backup sump pump for added protection.

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