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There is a lot of precipitation in Michigan. With rainy summers and heavy snowfall during the winter, the excess water can pose a threat to your home. If your home has a cement basement, chances are that tie rod holes are causing leaks in your basement. It is important to understand the threat of basement flooding and why it should be repaired.

StayDry® Waterproofing offers the knowledge and expertise to keep your home adequately protected from the elements. We can address any tie rod hole leaks in your basement and make sure your home is safe from any damage. Before contacting us about an estimate, please take the time to see why tie rod holes are a threat and how StayDry® protects your home.

Basement Flooding Hazards

There are many threats that your home faces with basement flooding. These threats can be structural and damaging to your health if left untreated. Mold growth is common in damp spaces and it is often tied with respiratory illnesses such as asthma. The spores are damaging to your health, but damp basements give way to other issues.

The water can weaken cement walls and wooden support structures. As these issues persist, they can be inviting conditions for termites and carpenter ants. These pets will chew away at the rotting wood and compromise the structural integrity of your home. Homeowners need to get these issues repaired before the damage becomes serious.

Tie Rod Hole Repair from StayDry®

A common issue in cement basement is tie rod holes. These holes are naturally in older cement structures because of the way cement was constructed in the past. Cement structures were held together by wood and steel rods as it dried. Once the steel rods were removed, they left small holes known as tie rod holes.

These holes are often troublesome because they make it easy for water to leak into your home. They are easy to recognize because of the incredibly unsightly stains they leave on your walls. The water that leaks through can damage your walls and anything stored in your basement. It is important to find the right services to get these issues fixed.

Waterproofing Services for Center Line

If you are experiencing these problems in your home, we offer a number of solutions to address the leaks. Our polyurethane injections can easily stop leaks and keep water from cracking your basement walls. We can also use sump pumps to pump the water out of your basement and keep your home dry year round. Whatever your needs, we can repair the leaks.

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