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Residents of Dearborn are well aware of Michigan’s year-round precipitation. With humid summers, snowy winters, and constant lake-effect weather, it can be a challenge to keep your basement free of water. That said, it’s important to promptly repair foundation issues, like tie rod holes, that increase your chances for flooding.

StayDry® Waterproofing is proud to provide tie rod hole repair to those in Dearborn. Our experts provide quality service and care for homeowners all throughout Michigan. We understand the inconvenience and danger that flooding presents for your home, and will work to ensure your basement is ready to withstand Michigan’s wet climate. Before contacting our experts, take a moment to learn more about tie rod hole repair and how it can help protect your basement from unwanted water.

Hazards of Basement Flooding

A flooded basement is not just an inconvenience but can also bring about several risks for you and your home. In addition to damaged goods stored in the basement, flooding can damage your home’s foundation. It can cause cracks, flakes, and even bowed walls.

Further, a wet basement invites unwanted mold growth. If left unchecked, spores can enter your home ventilation system and put you and your family at risk for respiratory illnesses like asthma. Mold is difficult, and sometime dangerous to remove, so the easiest way to prevent such risks is to ensure your basement is adequately waterproofed.

Tie Rod Hole Repair Dearborn

When a foundation is laid, the tie rods are placed to help uphold the concrete structure. Once dried, however, these rods are removed, leaving tie rod holes throughout the foundation. With the moisture and precipitation in Michigan, these holes might allow water to seep into your home and cause flooding.

Fortunately, StayDry® provides a tie rod hole sealing service that will eliminate the risk of water entering your home. While tie rod holes can increase your chances of basement flooding, there are other services we provide to ensure your basement is totally up-to-par in its ability to handle any Michigan weather. Here are some of the other services we provide:

  • Crack Injection Repair: Our high-pressure crack injection service helps seal cracks in your foundation, which adds strengths and prevents water from flooding into the basement.
  • Exterior Basement Waterproofing: This is a more intensive service done from outside of your home that can help protect your basement from water for years.
  • Sump Pump Installation: Our sump pump installation service will help pump any water out of your basement and away from your home.

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