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Flint, Michigan, much like the rest of the midwest, is susceptible to basement floods. This is mostly due to the hefty amounts of precipitation the region receives throughout the year. Unfortunately, one of the most common sources of basement flooding in Flint comes from tie rod holes.

Flint residents no longer have to worry about the hazards presented by a flooded basement. StayDry® Waterproofing offers tie rod hole repair in Flint to ensure residents and their homes are always safe. Let us fill you in on our tie rod hole repair services and the dangerous effects a flooded basement can have on your health and home.

Dangers of a Flooded Basement

In short, there are a number of adverse effects that can be caused by a damp or flooded basement. Water can damage the structural integrity of cement walls, which can cause them to crack or bow inward. Even worse, water can rot away the wooden support structure in your home, creating a perfect environment for pests like termites.

Water damage can also cause mold growth, which can be hard to eliminate. Worse, mold growth can cause a number of adverse health issues for residents dealing with such. Asthma and other respiratory illnesses can be caused by mold spores being spread across the house through vents.

Tie Rod Hole Repair

One of the most common ways for your basement to flood is through damaged tie rod holes. In older homes, steel rods would be used to hold the concrete in place while it dried. Then they would be removed, leaving a tie rod hole in its place. As you can imagine, these holes make it easy for water to seep into your Flint home.

With StayDryⓇ, you don’t have to worry about a flooded basement. We can repair your tie rod holes to help prevent water from coming in. Better yet, we can install a sump pump in your basement to help drain any water that makes its way into your home.

If your Flint home has already been significantly damaged, we can repair the walls and floor of your basement. To better protect your home from basement floods, we can even perform exterior basement waterproofing to keep your basement dry all year round.

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