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For Michigan homeowners, the unruly climate throughout the year can be quite the cause for concern. That is, unless you’ve had your home waterproofed. Regardless, basement floods are a common occurrence in the midwest, including Romulus, MI. Often the result of snowmelt or heavy rain, water can make its way into your home in a variety of ways. Whether it be tie rod holes or some other issue, it’s important to address such at first site. Otherwise, the likely damages to occur will leave you with costly repairs and even the risk of danger.

Seeing as how serious basement floods can be, it’s important to know the potential damages of such, as well as how you can prevent. Extending our services to Romulus, we encourage you to read below about basement floods and the necessity of tie rod hole repair.

Dangers of Basement Floods

Regardless of the cause, basement floods can present both damages and dangers to your home. For starters, the resulting moisture in the basement can make way for mold growth. Once it does, mold spores will spread through your Romulus home, and could leave anyone with respiratory illnesses. Not to mention, mold remediation is not a simple process.

Furthermore, and more concerning, water in your basement can ultimately compromise the entire structure. Starting with the basement, cement walls can begin to flake and even bow inward, while wooden support beams can begin to rot. Not only with the rotting wood invite pests like termites, but the cracked or bowing walls can put everyone in the house at risk for danger.

Of course, you also have to consider the damages to possessions stored in the basement when flooding occurs. Any electronic components will be destroyed, while furniture can soak up water and warp. Clearly, basement floods are best prevented.

Romulus Services: Tie Rod Hole Repair & More

Though basement floods can be caused by a range of factors, tie rod holes are a common one. In older houses, steel rods would be placed in the drying cement of the foundation. After it dried, the rods would then be removed, leaving behind holes that water can seep through. Fortunately, StayDry® can repair tie rod holes with high-grade polyurethane to ensure no water can make its way through.

Aside from tie rod hole repair, however, the StayDry® team can handle just about any other related issue. Whether you’d like to take preventive action or need to repair a leak, we can help. Plus, many of our interior waterproofing services are backed by our lifetime guarantee.

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