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As a Michigan homeowner, you’re probably well aware of the amount of precipitation the area receives year-round. Whether it be summer rain, abundant snowfall, or above-average humidity, Michigan homes are prone to moisture and water entry—and Van Buren Township is no exception. From basement floods to excessive moisture, tie rod holes are a common cause of such issues, and the damages they present can be both dangerous and costly.

Given basement floods and moisture issues aren’t uncommon in Van Buren Township, it’s important to ensure your home is protected against the damages that often accompany such. Take a moment to learn the dangers of water entry and how StayDry® can help repair and prevent the damages.

Basement Floods: Potential Dangers

Though basement flooding is a main cause for concern among Van Buren Township homeowners, that’s not to say it’s the only potential danger. Too much moisture in your basement, or crawl space, can have disastrous effects on your home—and it can even lead to health issues. You see, a common result of basement flooding (and excessive moisture) is mold growth. As mold spores spread throughout the home, anyone inside runs the risk of developing respiratory illnesses.

Furthermore, basement floods can cause structural issues in your home’s foundation. Cement walls and wooden support beams can both be affected, in which case the cement walls can being to crack and bow, while wooden beams can begin to rot. Clearly, these structural issues present serious dangers and should be addressed immediately—no matter the cause.

Tie Rod Hole Repair

While there is a range of factors that contribute to basement floods, tie rod holes are a common cause. In some older houses, steel rods (tie rods) are placed in the cement of concrete foundations as it dried. Once dried, the rods are then taken out, leaving behind holes in which water can seep through. Here at StayDry®, we can not only repair your tie rod holes, but we can ensure no water enters from there on out.

No matter the cause, however, we can help protect your home from both excessive moisture and basement floods, as well as repair any damages if an issue has already occurred. Whether you seek sump pump installation or just need a dehumidifier, we’ve got you covered—and we’ll do things right the first time around.

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