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Traverse City gets an immense amount of precipitation year round, due in part to the city’s proximity to the Great Lakes. This means water damage is quite a common problem in Northern Michigan, and your crawl space could be at risk for a number of structural and health issues. To protect your home and your family from these issues, crawl space repair may be necessary.

Luckily, for Traverse City homeowners, StayDry Waterproofing offers a number of high-quality crawl space repair services to protect and repair your home. Before you contact a StayDry hero, let us fill you in on the hazards of a damp crawl space and how our crawl space repair services can help protect your home and your family.

Common Crawl Space Issues

Water damage to any part of the home should be concerning, however, a damp crawl space can present a number of issues that should worry homeowners. For example, dark, wet environments, like a damp crawl space, are a perfect breeding ground for mold to grow. Mold spores can travel through the vents in your home and cause a number of respiratory issues like fungal infections and asthma.

Another common crawl space issue is pest infestations. Termites and carpenter ants thrive on rotting wood, which is a common result of water damage in a crawl space. If these pests eat away at the rotting wooden support structure or drywall in your crawl space, your home will lose a great deal of structural integrity. Not to mention, that damp and rotting wood alone will be enough to weaken the structure, leaving it prone to additional issues.

Clearly, the effects of a damp crawl space can be and often are far reaching. Considering the health and safety hazards a wet crawl space can present, it’s important to monitor the area often to ensure moisture has entered. In doing so, you’ll be well aware should any moisture issues arise, in which case you’ll want to call StayDry. In short, catching moisture and preventing any further problems is key, as the repairs for damage will be time consuming and costly. When you notice moisture has made its way into your home’s crawl space, StayDry will be there to provide our quality crawl space repair services.

Traverse City Crawl Space Repair

Luckily for Traverse City homeowners, StayDry offers high-quality crawl space repair services to the area. Some of the crawl space repair services we offer in Traverse City are:

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