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Living in Michigan, we all know the damages a flooded basement can present to our homes. However, this isn’t the only issue Traverse City homeowners should be concerned about. Considering the midwest climate, and even the type of soil your home was built on, settling foundation may become a problem. When it does, you’ll need the help of the StayDry heroes to protect your home from further damage and ensure safety.

At StayDry Waterproofing, we’ve seen it all—and that includes a range of foundation problems. Because these problems can cause severe damage and compromise the structural integrity of your home, addressing them promptly is essential. Fortunately, our foundation repair services can resolve a variety of issues. Take a moment to learn more about your potential issues with your home’s foundation and how StayDry can help when they arise.

Traverse City: Common Foundation Issues

In general, some degree of settling can be expected with your home’s foundation. However, this type of problem can easily escalate and put your home at risk of severe damage. Depending on the type of soil your home was built on, in combination with the midwest climate, your home’s foundation could receive unnecessary and excessive force. Soils like silt, peat, and clay all retain great amounts of water, which causes these soils to expand and contract with changes in temperature. When this occurs, foundation cracks and bowing walls are soon to follow.

Both concrete cracks and bowing walls can wreak havoc on your home. While they are common and even inevitable, foundation cracks need to be addressed promptly. Otherwise, they could begin to spread and crumble, ultimately allowing moisture into your Traverse City home. Bowing walls, which are often more concerning, can directly affect the structural integrity of your home. When bowing walls are a factor, everyone within the home could be at risk for danger, warranting the need for foundation repair. Needless to say, foundation issues need to be taken care of immediately. Fortunately, StayDry offers a range of services to keep your Traverse City home intact.

Traverse City Foundation Repair

Here at StayDry, we specialize in foundation repair. If soil expansion has resulted in bowing walls or foundation cracks, in important you call us immediately. This way, we can send one of our experts out to assess the issue and take the necessary action. See below for a list of some of our foundation repair services offered to Traverse City homeowners:

Being a homeowner in the Traverse City comes with both its positive features such as community, environment and location; however, foundational problems can occur anywhere, and are more common for older Michigan homes.

p>Keep your home safe by working alongside the professionals at StayDry® Waterproofing. We put homeowners first, and continually grow our service areas and locations serviced to best serve Michigan homeowners. Learn more about why we are Michigan’s trusted foundation repair contractors and how we help homeowners prepare and prevent against damage to their homes today.

Michigan’s Trusted Foundation Repair Contractor

When looking for the right repair contractor, it is important to do your homework. The first search result may not be the best in the business, or the most affordable. At StayDry® Waterproofing we have been in the business for 11 years, serving our local community from our family run business.

Combined, we have over 100 years of experience on our team and continue to grow our services and skills daily. We rely on the satisfaction of our clients to stay in business, so check out our testimonials and reviews to see for yourself that we are the best in Michigan.

One of our most exclusive features is our 24/7 emergency services. If your heater goes out at night in the winter it is important you get the help when you need it. We also always answer your call with a live agent, giving the best customer service in the business regardless of what time you call. Additionally, we keep our fleet of vehicles update and ready to brave any weather that is thrown our way. When your home experiences a repair issue, you can trust our team to be there.

Common Michigan Foundation Problems

Foundational damage can be difficult to spot early on, with many of the obvious signs such as foundational cracking, being further along in the process, and more costly to repair.

Being aware is the best way to help your home and family, and we help you learn to catch issues early on as well as be knowledgeable about common foundation problems Traverse City homeowners should be aware of to best protect their home from damage. Some of the most common reasons for damage include:

  • Foundation below water table
  • Foundation shifting
  • Severe weather
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Weak foundation

While you may not see damage, if you suspect it, or if it has just been awhile since a contactor has inspected your home, now is the perfect time to contact our team for your free estimate and catch any issues before they become a costly problem.

Foundation Repair Issues Fixed

p>When your Traverse home experience’s damage and needs repair, our team is there when you need it most. We ensure that our contractors have the most up to date licensing and training, meaning you are getting the best Michigan has to offer.

Often, when a contractor makes a repair visit further damage or possibilities of damage can be found. While your home may have experienced a plumbing leak, it may have contributed to a wall crack and having a team that is prepared and licensed to fix all damage is the best way to protect your family and your home.

With our clients in mind, we add to our services regularly so that we can offer homeowners the full package. Some of these services include:

  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Foundation Repair
  • Plumbing
  • Mold Removal
  • Crawl Space Repair
  • and more!

Don’t wait any longer to get your home, and its foundation, its its best condition. You can learn more about our services and rates by scheduling your free estimate today and start working with our dedicated team!

In Need of Repairs? Call StayDry!

As you can see, foundation issues aren’t to be ignored. What may start as small foundation cracks could quickly progress into a more serious problem. Whichever the issue, be sure to contact us so we can come out and fix it.

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