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Much like the rest of Michigan, Troy and the greater Detroit area is incredibly susceptible to basement flooding and the water damage that accompanies it. Since water typically enters your Troy home via cracks in the concrete foundation, sealing these with crack injection repair is essential to protecting your home from foundation damage and potential basement floods.

At StayDry Waterproofing, we are well versed in foundation repair services like crack injection repair. In fact, our method of sealing foundation cracks is unparalleled in Michigan. Before you contact us to speak with a StayDry hero, let our expert staff explain the dangers of foundation cracks and how our crack injection service can help protect your home.

Dangers of Foundation Cracks

As mentioned before, foundation cracks are the main access for water to enter your home. This typically occurs when snow melts in the spring or there is a major rainstorm and the water table rises temporarily. Worse yet, water damage can cause existing cracks to expand and become more problematic. When these cracks begin to flake and crumble, they can weaken the walls and even cause them to bow. Bowing walls are dangerous and will require extensive repairs. However, this isn’t the only concerning issue of concrete cracks.

Because foundation cracks often allow moisture to enter the home, mold growth is a common result. Mold spores will then spread throughout the home and affect everyone living inside. Aside from mold growth, moisture can also lead to termites, which will feed on the wood structure, leaving it prone to additional issues.  Considering both the safety and health hazards presented by concrete cracks, sealing them promptly is essential. However, in order to seal cracks when they arise, you’ll need to monitor your Troy home’s foundation often (or at least after a storm) to ensure no cracks have started to form. If cracks have already occurred, it’s important to call StayDry.

Troy Crack Injection Services

Luckily, StayDry Waterproofing offers high-pressured crack injection repair for the residents and homeowners of Troy. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not use low-pressure techniques as they are only temporary. Our high-quality crack injection repair is even backed by our fully transferable lifetime warranty so you can be sure your foundation is safe for years to come.

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