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While basement flooding is often the main area for concern among Michigan homeowners, a wet basement isn’t the only problem our midwest climate can present. Given the region’s high precipitation, humidity, and frigid winters, Troy homeowners should be aware of the problems these factors can pose to their crawl spaces. The resulting moisture from Troy’s climate can lead to mold growth and can even compromise the structural integrity of your home.

Needless to say, ensuring your crawl space is adequately sealed is essential when living in Troy, and the rest of Michigan for that matter. Fortunately, StayDry Waterproofing offers a range of crawl space repair services to Michigan homeowners. Take a moment to learn about the dangers of a damp crawl space and how our experts can repair it.

Dangers of a Damp Crawl Space

Quite often, homeowners neglect their crawl spaces, as it’s typically an area of the home that’s rarely used or entered. However, a damp crawl space can actually pose a variety of issues to not just your home, but your health too. No matter the cause, when water enters your home, the resulting moisture can easily make way for mold growth and even pests like termites.

Mold growth is a great cause for concern since it can severely affect the health of everyone within the home, potentially causing respiratory issues like asthma and fungal infections. Additionally, crawl spaces are also a perfect home for pests like termites, which will feed on the rotting wood and drywall, ultimately compromising the structural integrity of your home. In short, crawl spaces present numerous dangers to you and your home.

Considering these safety and health hazards presented by damp crawl spaces, it’s always good practice to keep a closer watch on your home’s crawl space. In doing so, you’ll catch signs of moisture before they become an issue. Otherwise, you could end up spending a load of time and money on extensive repairs. When you do notice moisture has made its way into your home’s crawl space, StayDry’s crawl space repair services will be necessary.

Troy Crawl Space Repair

In an effort to keep our fellow Michigan residents safe and their homes intact, StayDry provides a range of quality and effective services. No matter the issue, our team of experts can surely come out and take care of it. Take a look at what we offer below:

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Clearly, a damp foundation needs to be addressed promptly to prevent mold growth and incoming pests. Both of these factors can wreak havoc on your home and result in costly repairs. If you need crawl space repair for your Troy home, give us a call at 800.800.7073 today or contact us here for a free estimate.