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Michigan homeowners are well aware of the midwestern climate and the issues that the weather can present to their homes. Unfortunately, the climate and soil can present foundation hazards that require attention to keep your home safe from harm. If your home is built on certain types of soil, your home could be experiencing foundation cracks or bowing walls.

If the soil beneath your home has become an issue, StayDry Waterproofing offers a wide range of foundation repair services that can address these problems. We have been providing Michigan residents with waterproofing and foundation repair services for years. We offer the experience and skills necessary to effectively handle any of the foundation repair work your home may need. Before you give us a call, our StayDry heroes are here to inform you on how soil causes damage to your home.

Types of Soil and the Issues they Present

The soil your house was built on can pose risks to your foundation. Settling foundations are incredibly common and essentially inevitable. Unfortunately, soil expansion and setting does a lot of damage to foundation walls. Different types of soil, such as peat, clay and silt, retain more water and expand and contract. The force of these movements cause your home’s foundation to crack or bow.

If these issues are becoming prevalent in your home, the need to be addressed promptly to keep your home safe from the serious damage. Cracked foundations and shifting walls are incredibly hazardous to your safety. Your home needs solutions and StayDry can provide them.

Foundation Repair Services from StayDry

If the soil underneath your home is becoming an issue, StayDry is here to lend a helping hand. Though foundation settling may be concerning, the damage can be repaired. It is important to address these issues immediately to maintain the structural integrity of your home. Here is a quick look at some of the foundation repair services we offer to Wayne County homeowners:

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It is easy to see that foundation settling is a concerning topic for Wayne County homeowners. If you have noticed an foundation cracks or bowing walls, it is time to address the issues and look into foundation repair. We’ll provide you with an audit to determine the needs of your home and take the proper action. You can contact a StayDry hero today by calling 800.782.9379 or get a free estimate here!