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If you’ve ever walked into your home’s basement to find cracks in your foundation walls, you’re not alone. Between natural settling for your Ypsilanti home and the typical climate of the midwest, foundation cracks are actually inevitable. Though they are common, they can still progress into more serious issues. Plus, controlling them can be simple if they are addressed in a timely manner. It’s essential you do so, too, as foundation cracks can present a variety of issues to your home.

To help prevent these issues from occurring, StayDry waterproofing offers crack injection for Ypsilanti homeowners. And if these issues do arise, we have services for that, too. Regardless, take a moment to learn more about the dangers of foundation cracks and how we can be of aid when they occur.

Foundation Cracks: Potential Risks for Your Ypsilanti Home

Like we said, foundation cracks are inevitable, considering climate changes and the type of soil beneath your home. Regardless of the cause, though, foundation cracks are common and can easily be managed. However, if you don’t take care of them quickly, they’ll progress and cause numerous issues within your home.

First off, foundation cracks affect the structural integrity of your home. Whether from thermal contraction or drying shrinkage, these cracks can let in moisture, which will only worsen them. This moisture can then cause the concrete to crumble and even bow in severe cases, but the damage from moisture doesn’t always end there. It can also present mold growth within the home, which is can lead to respiratory illnesses and fungal infections. On top of that, moisture is also quite welcoming for pests like termites, which feed on the wood structure of your home, leaving it susceptible to further issues.

Either way you look at it, severe foundation cracks put everyone inside the home in jeopardy. As mentioned, though, concrete cracks are completely controllable, so long as you address them in a timely manner. In doing this, it’s important to monitor your foundation walls fairly often. This way, you can ensure cracks haven’t begun to form. and if they have, you can call StayDry so we can effectively seal the cracks before they progress into a worse issue.

Ypsilanti Crack Injection

In an effort to keep our valued Ypsilanti customers’ homes safe from damage, StayDry offers a variety of waterproofing solutions. Within these, we offer crack injection unmatched by our competitors. Utilizing a high-pressure injection system, we’ll seal your foundation cracks the first time around, and back it with our fully-transferable, lifetime warranty.

Because these types of problems can be so damaging, it’s always best to prevent damage rather than pay to repair it once it has occurred. Having your foundation cracks repaired at first site will save you time and money, so don’t hesitate to call.

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