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Considering the midwest climate, Ypsilanti homeowners should be well aware of the potential dangers the typical humidity and precipitation can pose to your home. Aside from basement floods, these wet conditions can lead to damp crawl spaces, which affect both the structure of your home and even the health of those living inside.

When the crawl space in your Ypsilanti home does fall victim to water damage, you’ll need an expert service provider on your side, and that’s where StayDry Waterproofing comes in. We’ve dealt with a broad range of damp crawl space issues, and we have the experience and resources to effectively handle any issue. Read on to learn more about the dangers of a damp crawl space.

Damp Crawl Space Dangers

Many homeowners tend to neglect their crawl space, as it’s often a place for storage that’s rarely used. However, just because this area of your home is seldom entered doesn’t mean it can’t affect you and your home. In fact, a damp crawl space can increase energy bills, lead to pest infestations, and affect the air quality inside your home. Yet the likelihood of mold growth and structural issues is much more concerning.

Mold spores can spread through the vents within your home, ultimately affecting the respiratory system and potentially causing asthma, fungal infections, and more. Additionally, the rotting wood and drywall from damp crawl spaces provide the perfect home for pests like termites and carpenter ants. These pests can then eat away at the rotting material and compromise the structural integrity of your home. When these issues do arise in your Ypsilanti home, StayDry can help.

While StayDry can surely resolve any issue with your Ypsilanti home’s crawl space, it’s still good practice to keep a close watch on the area. This way, you’ll be well aware should any moisture begin to become an issue. Otherwise, a simple moisture issue could result in one of the more concerning issues detailed above. When you do notice moisture problems within the crawl space, calling StayDry is key in preventing any further issues from arising. Protect you and your home and allow StayDry to provide our quality crawl space repair services.

Ypsilanti Crawl Space Repair

In an effort to keep you and your home protected from damage, calling StayDry as soon as you see an issue arise is crucial. This means you should also be inspecting your crawl space regularly. No matter the damage of cause, our experts have solutions. Take a look below to see how we can protect and repair your crawl space:

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