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StayDry Waterproofing operates throughout the Western Michigan communities. Our Kalamazoo and Lansing locations serve the majority of residents and businesses throughout the Western Michigan region.

As a whole, the state of Michigan has a continental climate, which is defined as having large seasonal differences. Within these changes in seasons is heavy snowfall, moderate rainfall, and hot, humid summers. Additionally, Michigan’s winters often bring lake-effect snow, which usually results in high amounts of snowfall. With heavy snowfall and warm months quickly to follow, flooding is a main concern for Western Michigan, in particular. With a humid continental climate, much like the rest of the state, Western Michigan is known to receive massive snow storms through early spring, and the aforementioned lake-effect snow is quite common, as a result of Western Michigan and Lake Michigan’s close proximity.

Due to the region’s heavy snowfall, warm springs and summers, Western Michigan homes and businesses are often at risk of flooding. On average, the region also receives rain nearly 150 days out of the year, adding to the chance of floods. Be prepared in the event of a flood and check below to see if StayDry can provide your home or business with one of our waterproofing services.

The following are a sampling of the communities of Western Michigan that we serve:

Tie Rod Hole Repair


The waterproofing system they installed works great, the crock and pump they installed is almost completely silent due to their sealed system. Thank you
They installed fortress straps to stop my wall from shearing. Very professional, quality installation and excellent warranty.
StayDry Waterproofing and David Brown have always treated me honestly and respectfully. I had StayDry Waterproofing and encapsulate my crawl space. I have never been happier with work done by a company. They were not pushy or overly expensive. They performed very high quality work and worked very hard to make my crawl space look like a million bucks! Now when I open the cupboard under my sink I don't smell my nasty, musty crawl space. I even had them install a sump pump for my father-in-law and he was extremely pleased with their work. I would highly recommend StayDry Waterproofing and David Brown
Thank you for making my basement a liveable space!!!
Got my man cave back!!! Thanks guys!