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Living in Michigan, you are prone to colder climates and with it comes all sorts of potential hazards. Mold is an incredibly invasive fungus and it has the ability to cause physical problems, like coughing and breathing problems. You can notice it appearing by its fuzzy appearance, as well as it’s grossly colorful appearance. It can come in various colors; yellow, green, grey, brown and even black.

When it appears, it can leave a damp or musty smell and cause your drywall to go soggy. With enough humidity, even your foundation can start to crumble. We, at Stay Dry, understand many of the plights citizens face living in this prosperous state, which is why we’ve been able to collect over 100 years of experience doing work on homes. Working with us is even guaranteed to ensure you have someone during a troubling time or for a regular check-up.

Living in Howell, MI

Howell, MI has a plentiful environment, but you still need to be ready for the variety of different elements the climate will throw at you. Considering Howell, MI sees up to 32 inches of rain a year, it’s important to protect yourself from the hardships associated with this weather. For instance, when the rain starts to accumulate too much on your roof, it’s a sign your roof is sinking in.

Additionally, any leaves sitting in your drain pipes will soak up the moisture like a sponge. The dampness will then transfer to the structure keeping your roof together and severely start to corrode it. This is when you’ll start to notice water stains appearing in your ceiling. Additionally, your city will actually see more snow than it will see rain; with Howell, MI seeing up to 35 inches a year. Snow is a much bigger concern than rain since it has the ability to freeze moisture and compile into a heavy mound. However, you don’t need to worry about these problems when you have a trusting company to work with.

Services StayDry® Provides

Here, at Stay Dry, we understand many of the problems you face living in a cooler climate. During the winter, the low is an average around 16 degrees. When the climate starts to cool down, the precipitation tends to increase. This is why some of our most popular services involve waterproofing your home, as well as handling any mold infestations getting out of control.

Who Should Improve Your Home

We’ve been able to work in this industry for over 35 years, and during this time we’ve been able to acquire over a 100 years of experience. In order for us to accomplish this, we need to know what we are doing, which is why we’ve been able to work with such a vast clientele. This range of information we’ve accumulated over the decades will allow us to completely satisfy your needs without any complications arising.

Additionally, when you work with us you will receive a lifetime warranty on the equipment, structure or tool we fixed. You’ll always have someone to turn to during stressful situations, as well as for routine check-ups. An annual search will prevent any hidden dangers from evolving past their safety limit. Contact us now to learn more about our available services, or call us for a free estimate: 1-800-STAY-DRY.