Whether it’s the result of a leaky pipe, excessive moisture, or a flooded basement, mold growth within your home is a great cause for concern. As a homeowner in Ann Arbor, you’re at a higher risk of mold problems, due to the city’s high amount of precipitation each year. Between the cold temperatures and heavy snow and rainfall, Ann Arbor homes are prone to water damage and high amounts of moisture. While basement flooding is another problem itself, excessive moisture is often a result, though it can be easily prevented. A flooded basement isn’t the only cause of moisture, however.

At StayDry Waterproofing, we’re well versed in water damage. One major problem many homeowners don’t always consider is mold control. Often times, mold is overlooked when basement flooding is the issue, but as mentioned, mold isn’t always the result of a flooded basement. Living in the midwest alone is enough to experience mold issues. Take a moment to learn how mold grows, the issues associated with such, and how you can eliminate mold from your Ann Arbor home with StayDry.

The Mold Problem

Though mold is a natural occurrence both indoors and outdoors, it becomes quite the problem when it enters the home, or any indoor setting for that matter. It’s a common occurrence after basement flooding, but it can also start growing when moisture is trapped within the home from a variety of causes. Cracked foundation walls, leaking pipes, and even humidity are all common causes. When it comes down to it, moisture is the primary factor in mold growth. With this, when we talk mold control, we mean moisture control. And when moisture control is neglected, your health is put at risk.

In short, mold exposure can present adverse health effects to you and everyone within your home. Mold can cause allergic reactions, compromised immune systems, and even respiratory infections. Those who already suffer from allergies and asthma are at an even greater risk of developing issues from mold exposure. If you’ve experienced any of the following symptoms, beware of mold within your home:

  • Nasal and sinus congestion
  • Respiratory issues (breathing problems, tightness in chest)
  • Coughing
  • Irritated throat
  • Sneezing

Aside from the health effects associated with mold exposure, mold is also a tell-tale sign of excessive moisture in your home. As mentioned, this could be due to a leak, basement flood, or even simple humidity. If you’ve noticed an increase of moisture in your home, or any of the mold-related symptoms above, moisture control is most likely necessary.

The Solution

If mold is already an issue within your Ann Arbor home, the first step in addressing the problem is eliminating the mold, of course. At StayDry, we utilize Concrobium to rid your home of mold, as it’s effective and safe for use around your family and pets. If you’re looking for more preventive measures in terms of mold growth, we have solutions for that as well.

Not only do we work to remove mold from your home and help you prevent the growth of such in the future, we’ll advise you on where to look for mold so you can better prevent it from growing. In preventing mold, a viable and effective option is placing a dehumidifier within your home’s basement. The dehumidifiers we offer at StayDry are designed for high-capacity usage, removing 70-110 pints of water daily, depending on the model you choose. While dehumidifiers are suitable for eliminating moisture, our waterproofing services are the best option in protecting your home from not only moisture and mold, but water damage as well. Consider trying some of the options listed below:


Whether you choose to completely waterproof your home, eliminate existing moisture, or install a dehumidifier, ridding your home of mold is crucial to your health. Of course, addressing the cause of the moisture or mold is also essential in preventing further damage to your home.

When you waterproof your home, which will ultimately prevent mold, you’ll raise the value of your home, if you ever decide to sell. Regardless, your home and your health will truly benefit when mold is eliminated from your Ann Arbor Home.


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One of the best experiences I have had with a contractor. They were totally professional, easy to work with, had friendly courteous workers, and did a top notch job. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone needing foundation repair and/or waterproofing. – Wally D.

I have tried everything myself to remove mold and the water from my basement, and after 7 years of wasted money(and swallowing my pride) I called Stay Dry. They were fast, professional, and very family. I had several other quotes, but the feeling of genuine care and concern for me as a person is why I went with them. They were in and out ahead of schedule and did excellent work. I am going to recommend them to all my friends and family. – Rich M.

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