Simply put, water damage poses a serious threat to the structural integrity of your home and, in some cases, to your overall health. Often located near or below the water table, basements are prone to excess water and even flooding. A severe rainstorm could lead to water build up in your basement, potentially ruining anything inside, as well as the structure surrounding it. In addition, dampness, humidity, and stagnant pools of water promote the growth of mold and mildew, which can have adverse effects on your health—especially your respiratory system.

With all the harmful effects water presents to your home and health, it’s important to have your basement properly sealed. Fortunately for you, StayDry specializes in waterproofing basements. We offer a few different services to keep your basement dry and the structure of your house sturdy.

Benefits of Waterproofing

Whether there’s a crack in the foundation of your basement or a leak has sprung nearby, the resulting build up of water presents a number of problems. Waterproofing your basement can save the structure of your home and reduce the risk of damage throughout. Basements are often used for storage and the placement of appliances such as washing machines. Therefore, a potential flood can ruin your belongings or, even worse, short circuit appliances and cause an electrical fire. When considering waterproofing your basement, keep the following benefits in mind:

● Avoid Structure Damage – When moisture penetrates the walls of your basement, they become susceptible to termites. Additionally, water seepage causes the wood in your home to become moist and weak, compromising the structural integrity of your home through.
● Reduced Risk of Mold – As mentioned, dampness and stagnant water encourages the growth of mold. Mold not only affects the structure of your home and everything within, it also affects your respiratory system and overall health. Waterproofing your basement keeps it dry and mold free.
● Protects Belongings – Water can cause damage to your furniture, food, and other belongings located in the basement. Much like wood, any furniture in the basement is vulnerable to staining, warping, and splitting.
● Increase Home Value – By protecting the structure of your home, you can maintain its value as well as increase it with proper waterproofing.