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When a home settles, it doesn’t always settle at the same rate for the whole house. There are several layers of soil beneath your home, foundation problems come when one of those soil layers can’t support the weight of a home. Some of the signs of your basement sinking are:

  • Stair-step cracks in brick or concrete block foundation walls
  • Crooked, leaning chimney 
  • Cracks around doors and windows
  • Cracks in drywall
  • Windows and doors that stick and are difficult to open
  • Cracks in your concrete slab flooring

Now that you’ve noticed the signs, what do you do next? StayDry offers comprehensive solutions to the complicated issues involving a sinking or cracking basement floor. Let’s talk about some of the techniques we use.

How Can StayDry Help?

Generally, the newer your home, the more likely it is your home will have some form of settling. Many times, this doesn’t cause large issues for homeowners. That being said, severe weather can cause any home to develop structural issues due to settling. Sinking and cracking of basement floors can allow water to seep into your basement and cause flooding and other water damage concerns. Here are some of the solutions StayDry offers to stabilize your foundation:

  • Polyurethane Crack Injection: When cracks don’t seem to be severe, or spreading, crack injection repair can be an effective solution. This technique was designed to seal those harmful cracks in your foundation, preventing water damage. Our innovative epoxy solution is injected into the crack and continues to expand until the entire crack is sealed.
  • Reinforce the Structure: In the case of severe sinking or cracking, underpinning is usually suggested. This requires exposing the exterior of your home’s foundation and stabilized. If underpinning is not needed, we can reinforce the structure from inside your home using our kevlar or carbon fiber straps. 
  • StayWall Steel Brace Reinforcement: This technique involves the attachment of steel I-beams to the floor joists of your home and set them into the foundation of your home. This comprehensive solution is more difficult to hide.

Whether you have small cracks in your cement flooring or your notice sinking, we can help! We offer an obligation free consultation, where we give you honest answers to your questions and go over all your options for repair. 

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Being prepared can save you thousands of dollars in costly repairs down the road. If you notice even a small crack, get it evaluated today before it becomes a larger issue. As Michigan’s #1 basement waterproofing company, StayDry has been serving Michigan communities for over 100 years. Ask about our satisfaction guarantee and 0% financing options, you won’t be sorry. Call today at 1-800-STAY-DRY or fill out our online form  and we’ll get right back to you! 

What Kind of Basement Waterproofing Do I Need in Michigan?

A Detroit Interior French Drain System being installed

Interior French Drain System Installation in Michigan

If your basement fills with water after a rainstorm, we might suggest installing a French drain system. A common, proven approach the French drain has been installed for nearly 150 years. StayDry uses the Hydroflo system, which is backed by a 100 percent fully transferable lifetime warranty. Learn more about our French drain installation. The French Drain is one of the best ways to fix basement leak repair in Michigan.

Detroit, MI external basement installation

Michigan Exterior Basement Waterproofing System

When moisture- and wetness-causing conditions are more substantial, exterior waterproofing may be the ideal solution. StayDry’s contractors have a considerable amount of experience with excavating soil and installing several protective barriers between a home’s foundation and the outside elements. Our exterior basement waterproofing method is backed by a 10-year warranty.

Detroit, Mi contractor doing Polyurethane Crack Injection

Polyurethane Crack Injection

Poured concrete foundations are notorious for their tendency to develop vertical cracks. If left unchecked, these cracks can expand and become easy targets for water penetration. For homes or businesses in which this has happened, StayDry recommends polyurethane crack injection. We use a high-pressure injection tool so that the epoxy expands all the way through the crack, from the exterior to the interior. Like our French drains, our crack injection services come with a lifetime warranty. Read more about basement crack repair.


Basement Waterproofing for Homeowners

Are you looking for basement waterproofing in a particular area of Michigan? We provide services in the following areas: Southeast Michigan, Eastern Michigan, Central Michigan, Western Michigan, and Northern Michigan. We also provide our services to Northern Ohio and Northern Indiana.