Along with our other services—like mildew treatment and foundation wall repair—StayDry can effectively waterproof your home or business from the outside. Our exterior wet basement solution, which carries a 10-year, fully transferable warranty, presents our customers with yet another option for addressing their waterproofing needs. We may recommend an exterior wet basement solution if you have poor drainage or a low landscape, or if your neighbor’s yard slopes toward yours. Other factors that can have a negative impact include a neighbor’s recent work, such as the installation of a swimming pool or an addition on the house.

At StayDry, we use a tried-and-true method to fix your wet basement:

  1. We start by excavating the soil around the exterior of the home, taking great care to keep yard damage to an absolute minimum.
  2. After digging down to the footing, we scrape and clean the wall to remove any attached soil. We then lay perforated triple wall PVC drain tile along the footing, and then wrap that tile in a filter fabric to prevent sediment from entering.
  3. We either attach the drain to a sump pump inside the home, or we direct it away from the home and allow water to drain by gravity. The drain tile is then covered by a thick layer of 6A washed aggregate stone.
  4. Next, we fill any cracks with hydraulic cement and apply a mastic tar adhesive and sealant (this product seals the foundation wall and helps to adhere the next layer of waterproofing).
  5. This is followed by our 20 mil fiber reinforced Flexi-Seal vapor barrier, which is attached to the wall by small nylon caps and runs from the top of the wall down over the footing. If insulation is desired, our installers will attach 1 EPS Foam Board to the wall.
  6. Lastly, we replace approximately 60% to 70% of the removed soil with drainage stone and then cover that with topsoil. StayDry will then perform a final rough grade, and we will move back any plants or shrubs that were removed. We leave the soil next to the foundation high because over time and with rain the soil will sink.

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