If you have damaged basement walls, StayDry® can help with Michigan’s cutting-edge crack repair process.

There are several avenues waterproofing companies can take for basement wall crack repair. At StayDry, we’re committed to staying at the forefront of developing technology in our industry-that’s why we use a high-pressure polyurethane crack injection system.

Large wall crack in Ann Arbor, MI

Some other companies might use low-pressure tools, which may appear to solve the problem on the surface and come with a one- or three-year warranty. StayDry’s preferred system, on the other hand, is so comprehensive that we offer a lifetime guarantee with all service: for as long as your house is standing, water will not seep through the cracks that we’ve sealed.

Basement crack repair is recommended for poured wall foundations on which vertical cracks are present. Rod holes and pipe entries can also grant water easy access to your basement, compromising the structure of your home. So if you notice any cracked walls, of if you’re concerned about other water entry points, give us a call today.

How Does Our Basement Crack Repair Technique Work?

We start by covering the crack with a temporary surface bond to contain the soon-to-be-injected polyurethane. Holes are then drilled into the wall at an angle so that we cross paths with the crack. This is done every 12 inches or so from the top to the bottom of the crack. Then we insert brass packer ports into the holes we’ve drilled for our injection machine to attach to. The packers are tightened down, allowing the injection material to fill the crack, but preventing it from exiting.

Once that is completed, our technician begins injecting at the bottom port and continues upward until the polyurethane material can be seen above. He continues this process from the base of the crack to the top until all ports have been injected and he is sure the crack has been completely filled. The product StayDry® uses is a dual component commercial grade hybrid urethane epoxy solution. This material has a 40 to 1 positive expansion ratio; therefore, it continues to expand throughout the entire crack from interior to exterior, stopping the water at its origin.

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The surface bond and ports are then left on the wall for 24 to 48 hours, giving the polyurethane product ample time to completely solidify. After 24 to 48 hours the homeowner may remove the surface bond and ports. We get crack repair done right in Michigan. Contact us for a free assessment today.

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