Waterproofing your home can help preserve the structural integrity of the home’s foundation by preventing any potential damage caused by water leaking into the home. It can also help protect your family from potential diseases caused by mold, and pests that find the damp, humid areas of your home to be hospitable. Not only can waterproofing help save you money by adding protection to your home, it can also help you make money by adding value to your home.

How Does Waterproofing Add Value to a Home in Michigan?

Any potential damage to an area of a home can lower the value of your home, waterproofing your basement or crawl space is a great way to reduce the risk of water damage and can increase your home’s value as well. The amount of increase depends greatly on the type of waterproofing method used as well as the extent of the warranty. If the warranty on your home’s waterproofing system is fully transferable, like ours here at StayDry, the value of your home will most likely benefit greatly from the waterproofing system.

Using Polyurethane Crack Injection Increases the Value of Your Michigan Home

Filling any cracks in the foundation concrete with a polyurethane injection can add stability to a home and prevent any water from leaking through these cracks and will look cleaner to an appraiser than cracking and crumbling walls. Having an interior or exterior French drain system will show that you have invested money into protecting the structural integrity of the home and will also appeal to appraisers. These French drain systems can also be connected to a sump pump to increase the efficiency of the drainage system.

Large scale waterproofing systems, like our exterior basement waterproofing system, are more expensive than French drain systems or crack injections but the money you spend will be added to the value of your home thereafter. A dry and functional basement with an established and effective waterproofing system will be far more appealing to potential buyers than an unfished, leaky basement will, allowing it to sell faster than it would without a waterproofing system in place.

Fighting Michigan Humidity To Protect Your Home

Waterproofing systems are also far more necessary in humid areas than they are in arid regions and thus, will add more value to your home. Even products like a dehumidifier will help to reduce the chance of water damage and mold, which will help keep the home’s structure sound and secure and increase the overall value of your home.

Additionally, waterproofing a basement can transform what was once a glorified storage space into another room. Adding an extra room to your home has been proven to add a sufficient amount of value to your home without having to construct a new addition.

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