Basement flooding is a huge issue for homeowners. The damage that can be caused to your home and health is great so it’s important to fix these issues before they become serious. Even small leaks can prove to be a threat to your home if left untreated. If you are a homeowner, it is important to know what steps to take in order to waterproof your basement.

StayDry® Waterproofing has been providing waterproofing services and repairs to Michigan homes since 2006. We have quickly become the fastest growing basement waterproofing company in the tri-state area. We have the experience to provide a wide range of services that can repair and protect homes from future damage. With that said, here is a guide to basement waterproofing.

Understand the Dangers of Basement Flooding

The first step to waterproofing is understanding the threats that leaks and flooding present to your household. As mentioned above, the damage can be caused to both your home and your health. Here is a look at the property damage and health complications that arise from damp basements:

Property Damage

Here are some of the common forms of damage that can appear in your home after leaks or flooding:

  • Cracked Walls or Floors: The walls and floors of your basement can develop cracks due to the leaking water.
  • Mold and Mildew: Mold is likely to grow in dark and damp spaces. Mildew is a mold pathogen that appears on the surface of the host material.
  • Uneven Floors: Your floors can sink or rise due to the water and the floor can become uneven.
  • Damaged Carpets: Any carpets or items stored in your basement can get soaked and damaged by the water.

Health Complications

Unfortunately, the damage that occurs from damp basements can lead to different health issues. Here are some of the ways the water can affect your health:

  • Skin Reactions: Bacteria growing in your basement can affect your skin.
  • Sore Throats: That same bacteria can be breathed in and cause a number of respiratory and throat issues.
  • Asthma: Household mold growth has been linked to asthma. Spores can be given off and spread through your home using air vents.
  • Respiratory Infections: The mix of bacteria and mold spores can lead to respiratory illnesses that can be hard on your breathing.

Identify The Water Source

Now that you know some of the basic threats that water damage presents to your home and health, it’s time to start finding solutions to fix the issue. The first step is to locate the source of the problem. It is important to know where the water is leaking in from in order to find the right solution. Here are some of the common causes of leaks:

  • Hollow Block Foundation: Hollow openings within block walls that allow water to collect and leak through.
  • Horizontal Cracks: Often caused by bowing or displacement of walls. Cracks allow water to leak into the basement.
  • Lateral Pressure: Pressure that soil exerts on basement walls can cause leaks.
  • Concrete Foundations: Foundations with tie rod holes allow water to seep through the walls.
  • Seepage Water: Basement drainage system is not working properly because it is overloaded. In turn water infiltrates floor slabs and masonry walls.
  • Water Table: The uppermost level of a portion of land has been completely saturated with water.

Select The Waterproofing Method

Once you have identified the cause of the leak, it’s time to find the right solution to waterproofing your basement. There are a number of services that can keep your home dry. Some of these methods can direct water away from your home or repair damaged walls or floors that allow water to leak through. Here are some waterproofing options:

  • French Drain: A subfloor system that diverts water away from your basement using pressure.
  • Sump Pumps: Submersible pump that pumps water out from your home. It removes the water that has accumulated in your sump basin.
  • Polyurethane Crack Injections: Material used to seal cracks and keep water from penetrating your walls. Can also be used to seal tie rod holes as well as cracks in your floor.

Contact StayDry® For Basement Waterproofing

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