Electronic Basement Dehumidifiers

Installing a waterproofing system like a French drain can drastically reduce the amount of humidity in your dwelling, but we often still recommend basement dehumidifier installation to better control moisture levels. Keeping the humidity level below 50% will prohibit the growth of mold and mildew, and it will prevent dust mite infestations and bacteria, as well. This lower relative humidity also reduces the out-gassing of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Drainage Mats

PolyDrain drainage mats are time-tested basement waterproofing products that ensure that water flows evenly along the footer and into the drain tile.

  • Increases water flow to drain tile
  • Eliminates sweating of the floor
  • Is excellent for thin floors or high footers
  • Features durable construction-grade material
  • Is available in black or gray

PolyDrain uses air-gap technology to significantly increase the flow of water across the footer. The distinctive waffle pattern allows water to travel along seamlessly. By extending PolyDrain up the wall, the need for a separate cove plate for protecting weep holes is eliminated, and any wall moisture is channeled directly into the footer drain.

Waterproof Paneling

Durawall textured panels, which cover and seal interior foundation walls, are a permanent solution to water seepage. These basement waterproofing products channel water flow directly into the StayDry drainage system. Durawall resists mold, cleans easily, and will not peel, chip, rot, splinter, or fade. Durawall panels come with a lifetime warranty- they are made of the highest quality materials and have been approved by the USFDA, the EPA, the and Consumer Products Safety Council.

Vapor Diffusion Barriers

Vapor diffusion barriers make an excellent companion to sump pump installation in a basement or crawl space. It seals your home from the earth while brightening and beautifying dingy areas with its brilliant white face. Like many of our products, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

StayDry prefers the Flexi-Seal basement waterproofing product, a reinforced vapor barrier that meets or exceeds ASTM E-1745 standards, giving you the assurance of knowing that walls, floors, and even entire basements and crawl spaces can be permanently sealed to be walked on.

This vapor barrier or vapor diffusion barrier seals your home from the earth, preventing soil moisture from migrating into the crawl space. The vapor barrier is firmly secured to the walls of the crawl space with nylon fasteners, and all seams are overlapped and taped by a minimum of six inches.

The procedure is efficient and the product is durable, and we offer a lifetime warranty on our encapsulation system. Encapsulating your crawl space is one of the healthiest and most energy efficient procedures you can perform in your home. Sealing your crawl space or dirt floor basement using this system guards against the moist air, which carries with it mold and other harmful particles and gases. Moreover, encapsulation cuts down on heating and cooling costs.

New studies have proven that you will have a cleaner, healthier, and less humid home by sealing your crawl space or basement. Every new and older home should have a sealed crawl space for the health and safety of your family.

Window Wells

StayDry sells and professionally installs Wellcraft egress systems, which satisfy building safety requirements and turn your basement into a bright, comfortable living room or bedroom. You don’t have to sacrifice your basement’s beauty to comply with code.

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