The damage from basement flooding

Basement flooding can be an expensive and time-consuming problem to correct. Personal belongings can be damaged or destroyed and the water damage can cause problems to the home’s foundation if left unrepaired. Here at StayDry Waterproofing, we offer a number of resources and services to help prevent potential flood damage. If your basement has already been flooded, we can help repair and fix the damage before it becomes too extensive and causes more damage to your property.


Depending on the location of your home in relation to the water table level, waterproofing your basement may be a requirement, not a choice. The closer your home’s basement sits to the water table level, the higher your chance of having your basement flood. If your home is in danger of flooding, it is important to have StayDry come and inspect your home and make a recommendation for which waterproofing solution is best for your home.

French Drain System- Our French drain system can be installed inside or outside your basement home to help carry any water away from your basement. If installed externally, we can connect the drain system to your septic tank. If the drain system is installed inside the home, we can install a sump pump to carry the water away if any leakage occurs.

Sump PumpSump pumps are able to drain water leakage in basements if the basement is regularly flooded. The water collects in the sump basin which then pumps the water away from the home.

Exterior Waterproofing– The most effective basement waterproofing method is to waterproof the exterior of the home’s foundation. This will require us to dig a trench around the perimeter of the home in order to install a drain tile system. We will paint the remaining exposed areas of the foundation with a waterproof tar and sealant before applying our Flexi-Seal vapor barrier. We will fill in the trench and your home will be completely waterproofed for at least 10 years guaranteed.


Basement flooding can result in major structural damage to your home’s foundation which will need to be repaired immediately. Water damage can weaken cement and cause it to crack or bow. Here at StayDry, we offer the most effective foundation repair services available today. If the water damage has caused the foundation to crack, the best solution is to inject polyurethane into the crack to seal it up and restore some of the strength to the foundation. If the walls of your foundation are weak enough that they are beginning to bow, we will need to reinforce the structure using rebar or steel supports. In extreme cases of bowing, the foundation walls may need to be rebuilt.

If your basement has flooded or is in risk of flooding and is need of our basement waterproofing services or any of the other services we offer, you can contact us here or call us at 800.782.9379.