As a Michigan homeowner, the wet winters and springs can be quite alarming, as snowmelt, rainfall and high levels of humidity can lead to basement flooding. With this protecting your home from basement flooding during summer months is essential. In these summer months, conditions are often much drier than that of winter and spring, which makes it the perfect time to prep for heavy amounts of precipitation.

As Michigan’s waterproofing heroes, the experts at StayDry are well aware of the flooding risks that come with our wet and wintery months. When winter ends, melting snow and early spring rain raise the risk of basement flooding. To keep your home and belongings safe, you need to protect them from basement flooding during summer months. Let the StayDry heroes fill you in on the best practices in preventing water damage before winter comes.

Preventive Measures You Can Take at Home

There’s nothing worse than walking into your basement and discovering a pool of water throughout. Fortunately, you can take several preventive measures to ensure your basement is safe from water damage. While professional waterproofing is your best option, you can do plenty on your own to keep your home protected. Don’t wait until it’s too late and take advantage of the summer months. See below for a list of ways to protect your home:

  • Scan for Cracks and Leaks: Look around your home for potential leaks and cracks in your foundation. If there’re cracks, you’ll need to have them filled. You should also check your pipes for condensation as well as leaks, and patch any you find.
  • Keep Your Rain Gutters Clear: Rain gutters are one of your home’s first defenses against flooding. Keep them clean when you can in the summer months. Also, make sure the spouts are facing away from your home.
  • Check or Install a Sump Pump: Sump pumps are a great way to remove water once it has entered your basement. If you have one, check it often to ensure it’s working. If you don’t, consider purchasing one.
  • Install an Alarm System: You can install specialized alarm systems with flood sensors, which will go off when water rises just 1/16”.

These preventive measures are easy to accomplish and could very well protect your home in the event of a flood. To enhance your protective efforts, you should also consider having your home professionally waterproofed by the StayDry heroes.

Professional Waterproofing During Summer Months

As with any basement waterproofing measure, the summer months are an optimal time to have your home professionally waterproofed. In addition to the aforementioned sump pumps, StayDry provides a range of waterproofing services to residents of Michigan, Northern Ohio, and Northern Indiana. Check out the list of services below:

Luckily, we at StayDry provide a number of high-quality waterproofing and sealant services to help protect your home. Some our waterproofing and sealant services are:

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As you can see, there are plenty of ways you can keep your home protected from basement flooding during the summer months. With a little elbow grease and the help of StayDry waterproofing, you can save yourself from the terrors of water damage. Take advantage of the summer and contact StayDry!

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