The Sump Pump Alarm for Michigan

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Don’t Stress Michigan’s Brutal Winters With a Sump Pump Monitoring System

Besides Alaska, Michigan has the coldest winters in the country. Around Detroit, the temperature will drop below 0°F between 10 and 40 days each winter! After 5 hours at 20°F, your pipes will freeze and break. While a minor pipe repair only costs about $100, a pipe rupture and basement flood will result in thousands of dollars worth of insurance claims, property damage, and headaches. So, while sump pumps are efficient, they can fail at some point. Can you trust your sump pump with Michigan’s frigid temperatures?

Michigan’s Frigid Winter Temperatures

  • Lansing: 16° F
  • Grand Rapids: 18° F
  • Ann Arbor: 17° F
  • Detroit: 19° F
  • Chelsea: 15° F
  • Rochester Hills: 16°F
  • Birmingham: 18°F

Michigan’s Wireless Sump Pump Alarm—Only From Stay Dry

Stay Dry is the only company that offers the Pump Spy. Not only does this wireless pump alert you on your desktop, laptop, or smartphone, it also stops the problem as it happens. With the Pump Spy, you will never have to worry about your sump pump not working when you are away for the holidays or on vacation. The Pump Spy:

  • Includes a battery case and controller that monitors your sump pump and charges the system’s battery.
  • Comes with a backup pump that your Pump Spy automatically turns on if there is a problem and, at 12V, has a higher capacity than most backup pumps.
  • Monitors your sump basin with float sensors, turning on your sump pump automatically if a pipe breaks.

As you can see, the Pump Spy can keep you and your home protected, even when you’re away. And, considering Michigan’s frigid temperatures throughout the winter, it could be crucial! Protect your home today with the Pump Spy—it could save you from a damaged home and costly repairs.

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