StayDry® Basement Waterproofing is proud to offer the best, high quality sump pumps. Sump pumps help remove water that accumulates in your home’s sump basin. The water may enter this basin through perimeter drains of your home, such as the French drain that StayDry installs. The water funnels into the sump basin because of rain, natural ground water (if the basement is below the water table), of if there is a big snow melt like there is in Michigan.

At StayDry®, we install high-quality sump pumps that are designed specifically for our homeowners by Richtech Industries. We’ve been installing sump pumps for homeowners since 2006. Our sump pumps are the best cast-iron sump pumps and the most energy efficient that the industry has to offer. We provide high-quality sump pumps to Michigan homeowners in Lansing, Detroit, Traverse City, Troy, Ypsilanti, and the surrounding areas.

StayDry®–Your Michigan Sump Pump Provider

StayDry® carries two sump pumps from Richtech Industries. We install these for both the summer rains and Michigan’s harsh winters. The first type of sump pump that StayDry® installs is the PitBoss.

StayDry’s Standard Michigan Sump Pump

The PitBoss features cast iron and stainless steel construction. It is one of the most efficient sump pumps on the market. With its efficient 5 amp motor, it uses 5% less energy than the other sump pumps on the market. Here are some specifications on the PitBoss if you choose to have StayDry® install it in your basement:

  • With a 15′ lift, it can handle 2940 gallons per hour.
  • With a 10′ lift, it can handle 3480 gallons per hour.
  • With a 5′ lift, it can handle 4029 gallons per hour.

StayDry’s Deluxe Michigan Sump Pump

The second type of sump pump that StayDry carries is the BigBoss. The BigBoss sump pump is ideal for larger Michigan homes. This pump features rugged cast iron construction, ball bearings for quiet operation, and a backing by StayDry’s basement waterproofing guarantee. The specifications for the BigBoss include:

  • 3900 gallons per hour with a 15′ lift
  • 6000 gallons per hour with a 10′ lift.
  • 7500 gallons per hour with a 5′ lift.

Why You Should Choose a Sump Pump From StayDry® For Your Michigan Home

Michigan has the most extreme weather during the wet spring and summer months. Also, Michigan gets very cold during the winter. You should choose a pump from StayDry® if:

  • To keep your basement dry, especially if you have a high water table.
  • To get the most out of your French drain installation.
  • To prevent mold and mildew in your home.
  • You want to add additional value for your home.

Added Value For Michigan Homeowners: The PumpSpy, Exclusively from StayDry®

The PumpSpy is an additional product that we offer for Michigan homeowners. Let’s say that you are away from your home during the weekend. This gives you an extra layer of protection if your home if it rains or the snow melts suddenly during the weekend.

Our PumpSpy comes with an extra battery case, a backup pump, and extra float sensors. Not only does it provide email alerts and text messaging alerts, the PumpSpy is fully backed by the best warranty in Michigan AND the added value of StayDry’s 5-star customer support.

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